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1965 Chevrolet Impala returns from the dead, ready to go for a song

The 1965 model year was one of the best in Impala history, as it witnessed a feat that no other car managed to achieve during this era.

The Impala ’65 was the first car in the United States to sell over a million units in 12 months on the market, making this model year one of the most sought after among hardcore. Chevrolet fans there.

The example we have here is clearly in very rough condition, but on the other hand, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t stop dreaming about a full restoration.

The owner himself explains on Craigslist that the car needs a complete overhaul, but it is clear from the included photos that such a project would not be easy.

Unfortunately, very little information was provided, so we only have to guess most of the critical information in the image gallery.

Obviously, there’s a lot of rust on this Impala, but at the same time, the floors and trunk themselves don’t appear to be completely destroyed. There is no longer an engine in this Impala, which means you can either find a decent unit or simply go with the powertrain of your choice and thus create your own unique restomod.

The Impala 65 was offered with the same choice of economy engines and more powerful V8s as its predecessors. The range therefore began with the same 140-horsepower six-cylinder. Options included the famous 283 (4.7 liters) with 195 horsepower, followed by the 327 (5.3 liters) with 250 or 300 horsepower.

A 325-horsepower 396 (6.4-liter) was also offered, as was a 409 (6.7-liter) which was discontinued early in the model year.

The best thing about this raw Impala is that it comes at a pretty low price. You can bring it home today for just $ 1,500, with no seemingly accepted exchanges.

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