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2023 Honda CR-V looks unexciting in render based on patent image


The Honda CR-V is the brand’s best-selling model and the sixth-generation version is under development. Spy photos first captured the crossover a year ago, and Honda has yet to reveal the redesigned model. However, a patent image released last month reportedly gave a preview of what the vehicle would look like, which sounds unexciting. A new unofficial render from TopElectricSUV.com adds some life to the design.

The render replaces the dull grayscale of the patent image with a deep blue exterior that brightens up the style. The color brings out the contours of the car around its lower doors and gives more definition to the front and hood. Following the styling trend of the Civic, the face of the next-generation CR-V appears simpler than the model it replaces. The CR-V also looks more mature.

The render also adds accents of chrome to the front, grille and greenhouse, while black plastic around the lower part of the vehicle and the spoiler adds a bit of contrast to the overall design. One thing that the patent image and rendering cannot convey is the size of the vehicle. The new CR-V is expected to grow in size over the outgoing model, as the smaller HR-V has also grown in size.

We haven’t seen a patent image of the rear yet, and Honda has kept it nicely disguised. However, the only patent image we’ve revealed is that the model’s large taillights don’t go away with the new design. They aren’t visible in any spy shots, but it’s easy to imagine their design hidden under camouflage.

Another thing the render cannot convey is the powertrain. Spy photos have captured the car with dual exhaust tips, but it’s completely unclear what will power the new model. Honda could offer the crossover with electrified powertrains, and there are rumors that an all-electric version will be introduced once the new crossover becomes available.

Honda has been tight-lipped about the new CR-V, and it hasn’t announced a launch date. We expect Honda to reveal it this year in a bid to put it on sale in the US for the 2023 model year. We hope Honda will start dropping some camouflage leading up to the CR-V’s reveal. .