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4 important tech news you might have missed in 2021


2022 is fast approaching, and while many of us would like to leave this year in the past, there are still several developments that have had a significant impact on the technology. These trends, features, companies and personalities have made waves in the tech world.

So, before we close the year, let’s take a look at the four biggest news items that will change the tech landscape in the years to come.

GameStop and the Birth of Meme Actions

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Making a lot of money in stock trading is generally the domain of hedge funds and professional traders. However, a week in January 2021 destroyed that notion when investors in the r / wallstreetbets subreddit beat the pros at their own game.

When several retail investors discovered that hedge funds were short selling 140% of GameStop’s stock, betting that their stock price would continue to fall, members of the r / wallstreetbets subreddit rallied around the stock, buying it. en masse. This sent the share price up 300% in less than three days, catching professionals off guard and causing them millions in losses while offering retail investors huge gains.

This event kicked off the memes stock movement, where social media now directly affects a company’s stock price. This rocked giant trading institutions and hedge funds, where they got beaten up by amateurs on a social media page.


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While attention has shifted to cryptocurrency and the NFTS, this news has set the tone for what 2021 could be.

The $ 2.9 million Tweet

twitter function jack dorsey nft

Although the first non-fungible token was created and traded in 2014, it wasn’t until 2021 that the term exploded in popularity. It started in February 2021, when several high-profile, high-profile NFTs, including the Nyan Cat meme, were sold.

But the biggest name to join the NFT movement came in March, when Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold the very first Tweet for a whopping $ 2.9 million. Since then, several more million-dollar NFTs have been sold, including a copy of the original source code for the Internet.

Even established auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s now auction NFTs, with the former holding the auction in the Sotheby Metaverse.

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Although NFT remains a very controversial topic, these developments have transformed it from a fringe technology known only to geeks into something a little more mainstream, with millions of users, from art collectors to gamers. professionals.

Dark street lit by neon lights

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would rename its parent company to Meta. While this doesn’t have an immediate impact on the day-to-day experience of using their social apps, it does signal a shift in business priorities from social media to the metaverse.

Society sees the metaverse as the next big change in technology, which is changing the way humans interact with the internet. Instead of accessing the internet through disparate apps, services, and hardware, the Metaverse connects them to create a seamless experience almost similar to physical reality.

By changing the name of the Facebook group to Meta, Zuckerberg is signaling to the world that they intend to become leaders in this technology, ensuring that their users are fully immersed in their technology.

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While this is an exciting time for the Metaverse, with even Mark Zuckerberg himself saying he’s not sure what his future holds, we need to be wary of our privacy as these systems typically run on our data, whether we want to share it or not.

Apple and Facebook’s privacy war

facebook application deleted on iphone

When iOS 14.5 launched in April 2021, it allowed users to turn off tracking, preventing third-party apps from tracking you across the internet and selling your data to big tech companies. While this is a welcome feature for many Apple users, it was the first shot in the privacy war that Apple and Facebook are now waging.

The iOS 15 update further exacerbated this conflict, allowing users to see which apps are accessing which data and sensors, and when. You can even see if these apps are sharing your data with third party entities.

Apple is a smartphone innovator, with manufacturers following corporate trends. So, if this privacy feature takes hold and is implemented in other devices and operating systems, it could dry up Facebook’s main source of revenue.

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This is why the social media company will try to end this precedent, as it relies on user data to deliver personalized advertising content. In fact, Meta made almost $ 85 billion from targeted online ads in 2020. Because when the data stops flowing, they can’t deliver targeted ads to their users, which affects revenue. advertising.

What new techniques will we see in 2022?

These are some of the biggest tech news of 2021, and we look forward to a more exciting 2022. While many of us won’t feel the immediate impact of these developments, they will shape the way we use and interact with technology in the near future.

And as we move into the New Year, we can look back on these developments and see the changes they will bring to our company.

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