Home Front end 7 Lesser-Known VS Code Shortcuts to Speed ​​Up Your Development (With GIF Demos) | by Tapajyoti Bose | June 2022

7 Lesser-Known VS Code Shortcuts to Speed ​​Up Your Development (With GIF Demos) | by Tapajyoti Bose | June 2022


VS-code has a plethora of tools and commands to make your life easier. But often people don’t know how to use them, resulting in excessive manual labor and wasted time.

This article will cover 7 shortcuts that can dramatically speed up your development!

the Windows: ALT + Z

mac: ⌥ + Z

Need a quick overview of the whole line without scrolling? Just activate Line break!

the Windows: CTRL + R

mac: ⌘ + R

Regular way to change workspace: Navigate to workspace you want to switch to & open VS-code

Smart way to switch workspaces: Open VS-code anywhere and skip to required location workspace

the Windows: CTRL + ,

mac: ⌘ + ,

Need to modify some settings? Instead of looking where Open Parameter drop-down list is hidden, just use the !

the Windows: CTRL + `

mac: ^ + `

Need of run some commands in terminal? Instead of using another shellconjure one in the editor!

the Windows: CTRL + Tab

mac: ^ + Tab

The more advanced you become, the more you avoid using the mouse to accelerate your development. Switching tabs from keyboard is the essential skill For the job!

the Windows: CTRL + G

mac: ^ + G

Just like changing tabs, go to the line saves time by eliminating unnecessary scrolling!

the Windows: CTRL + P

mac: ^ + P

Another one essential skill for the modern developer! Go to folder eliminates the need for find files in explorer viewwhich is often a huge waste of time!

If you want to know everything VS-Code the shortcutssee the following:

  1. the Windows
  2. mac

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