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A framework to advance the development of biomarkers for diagnosis, outcome prediction and treatment


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NEW YORK, February 10, 2022

Part of TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Blueprint Roadmap

NEW YORK, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB), a nonprofit brain research and advocacy organization, announces the publication of the fifth of six manuscripts resulting from its Brain Trauma Blueprint framework program.

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Posted in the Neurotrauma Journal to January 21, 2022The article, titled “A Framework to Advance Biomarker Development in the Diagnosis, Outcome Prediction, and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury,” emphasizes the pressing need for multimodal biomarkers (e.g., brain injury (TBI), to guide the development of personalized and targeted diagnostics and therapies.


Biomarkers allow researchers and clinicians to identify cellular damage, monitor clinical improvement (or deterioration), and make the most accurate and effective treatment decisions. By understanding how TBI biomarkers change over time and as a measure of different mechanisms of TBI, clinicians and researchers can identify appropriate time windows and target populations for intervention as injury evolves. This will allow for more reliable prediction of outcomes and recovery time that could guide plans to return to normal activities and tasks. TBI biomarkers that meet critical criteria for clinical application have the potential to transform clinical practice and reduce the patient’s risk of long-term symptoms and lasting deficits. The document summarizes the biomarkers currently under study and describes the essential steps to ensure robustness, validity and reliability in a specified context of use. The article also provides a framework for future research and funding investments.

The Brain Trauma Blueprint is a framework that enables stakeholder groups from government, academia, foundations, and industry to advance precision brain trauma diagnoses and treatments through a coordinated effort. The framework includes a 12-step process to jointly identify unmet patient needs and associated research priorities, take stock of the state of the science, identify research gaps and barriers, and provide recommendations for moving forward. . Additionally, the framework provides a call to action for funders and collaborators across the stakeholder community to engage in a transparent and coordinated network.

Co-author and founder of the Brain Trauma Blueprint, Magali HaasMD, PhD, CEO and President of Cohen Veterans Bioscience states that “the discovery and validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, and response prediction is critical to driving a transformation in the diagnosis and treatment model of TBI.”

Advancing TBI care through a research roadmap
Written by leading CBT experts, this six-part series published in the Neurotrauma Journal sets the framework for a roadmap to advance TBI research based on a state-of-the-science consensus conference held in 2019 with more than 125 leaders in the field. The National TBI Precision Solutions Research Roadmap will guide the development of actionable research priorities that frame the next phase of the roadmap over the coming months.

The other authors of the article are Elizabeth Wildedoctorate (University of Utah); Ina Wannerdoctorate (UCLA); Kimbra KenneyMD (Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences); Jessica GilPhD, RN, FAAN (John Hopkins University)); Peter JamesMD, PhD (University of Virginia); Seth Dinerdoctorate (University of Minnesota Medicine School); Caroline Schnakersdoctorate (UCLA); Restina MeyerPhD (Delix Therapeutics); Eric Prager, PhD (Cohen Veterans Biosciences); and Andreas JeromePhD (formerly from Cohen Veterans Bioscience).

About the Traumatic Brain Injury Blueprint
The Brain Trauma Blueprint is a framework for advancing precision diagnostics and therapies for brain trauma through a process of community stakeholder consensus roadmap and collaborative execution. More information can be found at www.braintraumablueprint.org.

About Cohen Veterans Bioscience
Cohen Veterans Bioscience is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit biomedical research and technology organization dedicated to improving brain health by accelerating precision diagnostics and tailored therapies.



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