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A new framework for community mining is on the way – Yukon News


The Government of Yukon invites Yukoners to complete a questionnaire on a proposed framework to address potential mining-related disputes.

In a statement, the proposed staking and mining development framework for planned and zoned communities aims to ensure that the process “promotes sustainable development, respects community values ​​and minimizes land use conflicts” when staking and staking mining development are undertaken in the communities.

The framework aims to suggest approaches to prevent and resolve conflict between mining operations and Yukon communities, improve coordination between municipal and unincorporated land use planning and mineral regulatory processes, and find ways so that mining activities respect community values ​​and interests.

For example, disputes and uncertainty surrounding the development of existing mining claims within community boundaries have resulted in lawsuits in Dawson City and Whitehorse.

Comments will be analyzed and published in an online summary after the questionnaire closes on October 14.

Once the responses have been organized, a framework document will be drafted and submitted to the cabinet for approval.

The Yukon government is also seeking input from the mining industry and other interested groups on its intensity-based emissions target for placer and quartz mining.

People can participate by reading the discussion paper, which outlines the proposed approach, and providing feedback by email by October 3.

The discussion paper proposes the mining sector’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production by 45% by 2035, with the goal of net zero by 2050.

The target for all other sectors and industries except mining is a greenhouse gas reduction target of 45% by 2030.

In the document, intensity-based targets, as opposed to an absolute greenhouse gas reduction target, define a desired level of emissions per unit of material produced or volume of activity to encourage more efficient operations. , “regardless of the number or number of mines”. are working at any given time.

The results will be published in a “what we heard” report.

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