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Access to health care in the Bexar County area varies by zip code


TUESDAY on “La Source” — The San Antonio Express-News took a in depth see medical assistance. Reporters Laura Garcia and Libby Seline show the disparities around health systems and the location of their facilities around San Antonio.

the Express-News assessed the location of 50 urgent care facilities and found that they are primarily located on the north side of San Antonio. This includes full-service trauma hospitals and stand-alone emergency centers.

Other affluent areas of San Antonio that offer emergency access are located in Alamo Heights, Stone Oak, and Shavano Park, leaving the city’s South Side and other low-income areas without any medical assistance.

Public health experts say neglected neighborhoods date back decades and cite redlining among other issues as part of the problem. In 2020, the city council declared racism a public health crisis and created a resolution to improve health equity.

What are the disparities in the local health system? What other areas of the city are affected? What can be done to improve equity in health care? How can city leaders help address health care disparities? Is there financial assistance available to ease the financial burden in low-income areas?


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*This interview will be recorded on Tuesday, May 24.