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Alex Okafor’s new signing brings consistency to KC Chiefs’ defensive front


The KC Chiefs have finally found their defensive end in free agency. While the job has been up for grabs for the entire offseason so far, the Chiefs have signed a familiar face and brought Alex Okafor back to the Power and Light District.

Make no mistake, Alex Okafor isn’t Jared Allen, and the Chiefs aren’t claiming he’ll be a Pro Bowl defensive end by signing a rotation player for a one-year contract. The 30-year-old defensive end has spent the last two seasons with the Chiefs after spending four seasons in Arizona and two seasons in New Orleans.

A member of the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV team, Okafor has been around this defense and has been an effective defender in the defense of Steve Spagnuolo.

The addition of Alex Okafor brings security and consistency to the Chiefs’ defensive line.

Okafor brings a veteran presence and consistency to a top position that many Chiefs fans have been wondering about throughout the offseason. While Okafor has seen his fair share of injuries since arriving in Kansas City – including a pectoral muscle tear in 2019 and a hamstring injury in 2020 – he has been a useful rotational player among the defensive fins and has brought with him a considerable advantage given that he is just now entering his 30-year season.

The signing comes a day after the Steelers signed defensive end Melvin Ingram, who many say will wear yellow and red in Kansas City, to sign a one-year, $ 4 million contract to go to Pittsburgh. . This movement appears to be lateral – not a signature splash, but a sonic movement from a sonic front office. The Chiefs had to know they’d better try their luck with a team deal for Okafor rather than testing the waters of the open market on players who might not fit the Chiefs’ defensive scheme.

We should expect more movement to occur on the defensive side of the ball as the front office takes preemptive action after Frank Clark was arrested in Los Angeles for possession of firearms. Okafor appears to be a solid signing that should help ensure consistency and reliability in the defensive line’s rotation. However, time will tell who Brett Veach will be looking to sign or trade for as we look forward to the 2021-2022 NFL season.

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