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Among the best compact sports sedans


The Elantra N may be significantly more refined for road use than its always-on brother Veloster, but that doesn’t mean it can’t start a fire under your butt when you want it to. Quite the contrary, in fact, because on the track the first Elantra high-po is composed in a playful and extremely fun way. With the ace e-LSD set to maximum attack mode, understeer is nonexistent unless you seek it recklessly.

The brakes work solid, as do the steering and the chassis. Almost all of the Elantra N’s gear is pleasantly weighted, moves with taut fluidity, and feels as comfortable for track work as the Subaru BRZ, a dedicated two-door, rear-wheel-drive sports car. back. The Hyundai may be front-wheel drive, but challenge it in a twisty, wavy turn with enough speed and the rear will go out on you.

Even at a more responsible pace, however, the Elantra N is still a pleasure and a half to drive. Partly thanks to some immensely customizable drive modes, it can be civilized or a true firecracker track star whenever you want and is just an extremely competent collection of high quality components, whether you are talking about engine, transmission. , chassis or suspension.

Practical considerations

When it comes to “quality components,” the interior of the Elantra N is a reasonably nice place to spend time, but some of the plastics are noticeably cheaper than those found in, say, Volkswagens. rivals. You will forgive it for its ease of use, because while the aforementioned golf courses have now got a very stimulating tactile UX, the cabin of the Elantra actually features an equally minimalist visual style and covers the dashboard. Thank goodness it keeps the knobs and knobs intact, clearly labeled and intuitively placed.

Even the parking brake is the manual type with instantaneous drift of the chainring, same with the DCT, and you have to love it for that.

Two 10.25-inch screens are standard, as are the heated seats with sporty and spacious reinforcement and an N logo that illuminates in tandem with the dome light. The rear seats, which offer plenty of legroom and decent head height, fold down as one piece, but the passage is partially obstructed by a red painted brace. This strut undoubtedly contributes to the impressive stiffness of the Elantra N, but hinders this car’s ability to haul larger items from Ikea. Other than that, however, Hyundai’s hot Elantra is really quite usable on a daily basis. Driving carefully in Normal mode, it doesn’t look all that different from a regular compact car, albeit extremely well sorted. Really the only driving complaint I can muster is that the road noise on the freeway can be a bit loud but overall the Elantra N is a pretty darn winner.