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The suspected intoxicated driver of a vehicle that crashed into a building, caught fire and seriously injured a passenger was arrested on Tuesday, court documents said.

Breanna M. Lord, 22, of Altoona, was arraigned Tuesday by Judicial District Judge Benjamin F. Jones on 13 counts, including counts of aggravated assault with attempted bodily harm grievous with extreme indifference and aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence.

A criminal complaint alleges Lord was driving a white Cadillac sedan that caught fire after colliding with a building on May 2 in the 700 block of 29th Street.

When the police arrived at the scene, a “Important part” The building’s brick exterior collapsed on and around the Cadillac, and first responders discovered fire and smoke billowing from the hood of the vehicle.

Police found Lord trapped in the driver’s seat of the Cadillac, and officers said the front of the vehicle was nearly indistinguishable due to the damage.

Altoona firefighters arrived at the scene moments later and first responders discovered a second victim.

Both were extricated and transported to UPMC Altoona for “Very serious injuries”.

As a result of the collision, all of the victim’s fingers were amputated, his right leg was amputated above the knee, and his left leg was amputated below the knee. The victim also suffered severe burns to a significant part of his body, police said.

As police investigated the crash, several witnesses reported Lord driving in the wrong direction at high speed in the 2900 block of Seventh Avenue near the crash site.

Police said there was no evidence of adverse road conditions, and officers also observed clear tire marks on the 2900 block of Seventh Avenue and a parallel sidewalk / parking lot north of Seventh Avenue.

Court documents indicate that the tire tracks match witness testimony, and a police officer from the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Unit responded to the scene.

The soldiers said the tire tracks showed no indication the vehicle was trying to stop before hitting the building.

After acquiring CCTV of the crash from a local gas station, police observed the vehicle driving at high speed through the 3000 block of Seventh Avenue moments before the crash.

Police said they did not notice the vehicle’s brake lights coming on, adding that the vehicle was driving in the wrong direction. Officers also did not notice any attempt to correct the path of the vehicle prior to the accident.

After obtaining a search warrant for the Cadillac, police reportedly discovered a glass smoking device, a propane torch and a bag containing 1.19 grams of marijuana.

A warrant was also executed for a toxicology report on Lord’s blood, and the report was said to have yielded positive results for morphine and THC, police said.

According to the testimony of a friend of Lord and the victim, the two were seen consuming “three to four keys” of THC wax at a Duncansville residence hours before the crash.

When police questioned Lord, she allegedly admitted to having smoked marijuana the day before and to having been drinking “Half a Seagrams”.

Lord reportedly said she could not remember any part of the journey after leaving the Duncansville residence.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, police reportedly discovered that its tachometer and speedometer had not reset, noting that the tachometer was resting at 4K RPM and the speedometer was reading 85 mph.

In a July interview with police, the victim admitted to having smoked marijuana with Lord the night before and told officers Lord was going “very quickly,” citing speeds as fast as 106 mph.

The victim allegedly asked Lord why she was going so fast and said she wanted to get out of the vehicle, but Lord allegedly drove on a sidewalk in Duncansville and accelerated after periods of slowing down.

Upon completion of the analysis and reconstruction of the vehicle, state soldiers reported that Lord had driven in the wrong direction on Seventh Avenue at high speed and finally partially took off after hitting the side of a concrete driveway.

Lord’s car then hit the corner of a parked Ford F-150 and collided with the building with the front of the Cadillac off the ground.

The soldiers reported that the vehicle circled around the point of impact and traveled about 15 feet before bouncing away from the wall of the house and coming to a stop about 6 feet.

Police concluded that Lord caused the accident because she was driving at high speed, traveling the wrong way on a one-way roadway and swerving from the roadway to the side of a building.

Lord also faces charges of unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment of another person, driving under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless driving. , reckless driving, driving at dangerous speeds, disobeying traffic control devices, driving in the wrong direction and disregarding traffic lanes, the record said.

She was returned to Blair County Jail in lieu of a $ 75,000 cash bond.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 15 before Jones.

Mirror staff writer Calem Illig is at 814-946-7535.

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