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Atmos by CallCabinet now supports SA English in its parsing engine


CallCabinet, the leading provider of cloud-native AI compliance recording and analytics,

built into Atmos, is a highly accurate speech analytics engine capable of transcribing speech to text in multiple languages, now including South African English.

South African English has become an established regional version of English, evolving from the influences of the languages ​​around it. CallCabinet responded to significant demand from our channel partners and direct customers to add South African English by investing 14 months in collecting, analyzing and processing over 40,000 minutes of language samples . CallCabinet is pleased to announce that South African English is now a recognized Atmos language.

“CallCabinet is thrilled to add South African English to our Atmos analytics engine,” said Matt Balcomb, Marketing and Sales Manager, CallCabinet South Africa. “We are constantly adding additional languages ​​to our business intelligence platform and are proud to currently support 17 languages ​​and dialects.”

The Atmos analytics engine enables highly accurate compliance reporting, as well as powerful monitoring and insights. Supervisors can search transcripts for specific keywords or phrases and determine when essential verbiage requirements are missed, such as disclaimers. The platform’s voice analytics also supports custom vocabulary libraries, allowing businesses to include industry-specific terms and jargon in their research and evaluation metrics. Every conversation is analyzed through AI-driven natural language processing to provide critical and scalable understanding of caller emotion and sentiment.

Atmos is uniquely positioned to close all compliance gaps, capturing and archiving critical interactions for global contact centers in the world’s most regulated industries. Atmos’ cloud-native infrastructure enables enterprises to migrate new and legacy data by strategically pushing voice data insights into their compliance or BI platforms to mitigate business risk. Designed with security and compliance in mind, Atmos helps businesses meet global regulations for every industry by automatically logging every interaction.

To learn more about Atmos by CallCabinet, and how it can keep you compliant, increase sales, and improve your customer experience, request a demo at www.callcabinet.com.