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Betamore launches software engineering training program for Baltimore residents



Betamore has a new software engineering training program launched this fall for residents of the city of Baltimore interested in entering technology.

The 22-week grant-funded program is currently only accepting applications from Baltimore residents and is seeking to enroll 15 people in the program.

Designed as an entry-level program, it will provide training in programming, software testing, databases, web servers, front-end frameworks, Scrum and Agile. Offered as a hybrid program with a mix of virtual and in-person sessions, the general expected time commitment is two three-hour evenings per week and a four-and-a-half-hour class every other Saturday.

All courses are taught by the CEO Aaron brooks and the team at Baltimore-based technical talent pipeline company Master. While working at Baltimore Software Company IntrepidBrooks began giving instructions to local dating and streaming services. Last year he took Mastermnd full time.

The Beatmore Academic Program seeks to help start careers as well as skills. Successful graduates will receive job offers in entry level positions in Software Development, DevOps and UX / UI, through Betamore.

Applications will be open until the end of October, with the start date of the program scheduled for late November.

If all goes well for program participants, by May 2022, 15 new junior software engineers will work at companies in Baltimore, where the median income for a junior engineer is $ 64,987, according to Wage scale.

Port Covington-based Betamore Academy is one of several Baltimore programs offering gateways to careers in software that do not involve a four-year degree.

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