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Biden, Obama and other leaders react to the death of Bob Dole


Leaders from all walks of life paid tribute to Bob Dole, the former Senate Majority Leader and Republican presidential candidate who died Sunday, hailing him as a war hero and statesman who dedicated his life to the public service.

“Bob Dole was a man to be admired by Americans”, President Biden said on Twitter. “He had an unfailing sense of integrity and honor.”

The president cited Mr. Dole’s “legacy of decency, dignity, good humor and patriotism”.

Vice President Kamala Harris called Mr. Dole a “war hero and patriot”.

Kentucky Republican and Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell said in a declaration that “Mr. Dole’s life of service was rooted in one simple mission: to watch over his neighbors.”

This path began with serving customers at a soda fountain in Russell, Kan., And continued throughout his service in the Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War II, and it was crowned with nearly 30 years in the Senate and more than a decade as Republican leader, he said.

“His roots in the Dust Bowl fueled a special commitment to vulnerable Americans, and of course Bob’s work on food security, veterans’ issues, and the rights of Americans with disabilities continued to have a particularly lasting impact. Mr. McConnell said.

Mike pence, the former Republican vice president of the Trump administration, said Mr. Dole “has lived an extraordinary life in the service of America.”

Former President Barack Obama said on Twitter that Mr. Dole’s political leadership and demeanor dated back “to the days when members of the larger generation followed a certain code, putting the country ahead of the party.”

Former President George W. Bush said from Mr. Dole in a statement: “This brave man represented the finest of American values.”

“I will always remember Bob’s greeting to my late father on Capitol Hill,” Mr. Bush added, referring to his father, former President George HW Bush, who passed away in 2018, “and now we Bush salute Bob and give thanks for his life of principled service.

Former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Dole’s opponent in the 1996 presidential election, said on twitter that Mr. Dole has dedicated his life to serving the American people, “from his heroism during World War II to the 35 years he spent in Congress.”

“After all he gave in the war,” Mr. Clinton added, “he didn’t have to give more. But he did. His example should inspire people today and for generations to come.

Al Franken, the former Democratic US senator and comedy writer, said of Mr. Dole: “He was a war hero, one of the great senators, a lovely man, and … well, I’m finally the funniest former US senator.” I will miss this REALLY funny man.