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The Bottrop-based company, which has been accredited as a vehicle manufacturer with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority for decades, presented its expertise as a bodybuilder in 2020 with the BRABUS XLP pick-up, for which it has developed a discreet body variant for the current Mercedes G-Class of the W 463 series in the best English bodywork tradition.

To turn the off-roader into a pickup truck with a truly useful large loading area, BRABUS engineers used state-of-the-art design and engineering software to develop a special module for the ladder-type steel frame. It extends the wheelbase by 50 centimeters (20 in) while retaining the high torsional rigidity of the frame. The rear end of the cabin is formed by a new rear wall with heated glass.

The pickup bed is also an all-new design. It makes the vehicle 68.9 centimeters (27.1 in) longer than a standard G 63 without a rear-mounted spare wheel. In order to turn the total length of 5.31 meters (209 inches) into an eye-catcher, CSP, a business division of the BRABUS Group specializing in the development and manufacture of high-tech components made of composite materials, designed a body in custom carbon. components such as the rear sidewalls, which it manufactures using the complex prepreg process. They are complemented by newly designed steel components such as the bed floor and the side-hinged tailgate. This mix of materials provides the perfect combination of precise fit, maximum strength and high load capacity. The Flexiteek bed liner is not only extremely durable, but also gives the pickup a stylish touch of yacht design. Double matte black bed rails behind the cab add to the exciting look of the pickup and also allow a wide range of items to be securely attached.

The unusual appearance of the off-road supercar is also made particularly striking by BRABUS WIDESTAR body components. Fender flares fitted with additional wheel arches, also made from exposed carbon with a matt, sealed finish, make the pickup 11.6 centimeters (4.6 inches) wider than a G-Class model of origin. The side rubbing strips, the BRABUS bonnet hood with two power bulges and the robust front and rear skid plates are also made from this same composite material.

The WIDESTAR front fascia with its large air intakes makes the front design of the BRABUS 900 XLP “ONE OUT OF TEN” particularly dynamic and accommodates not only the exposed carbon grille with BRABUS logo, but also a beefy front protection element and a winch with a towing capacity of 4,500 kilograms (9,921 pounds).

An exposed carbon trim panel with integrated BRABUS logo also gives the rear a decidedly sporty look. It is completed with a WIDESTAR fairing which, like its counterpart at the front, turns into flares perfectly.

The rocker panels have also been custom designed to account for this pickup’s longer wheelbase and high ground clearance. Electrically retractable running boards are also available as an option and make entering and exiting the pick-up easier and safer. The integrated LEDs in the flares guarantee safe walking even in the dark. Like the BRABUS logos in the front fender flares, they light up when a door handle is pulled or the central locking system is activated by Keyless Go when approaching the vehicle.

The spectacular body design of the BRABUS 900 XLP “ONE OUT OF TEN” is completed by the roof rack and the wind deflector in exposed carbon with four LED auxiliary lights above the windscreen.

A special chassis also contributes to this supercar fulfilling its function as an absolutely off-road pickup. It gives the vehicle an extremely high ground clearance of 49 centimeters (19.2 inches) and allows for extensive articulation of both axles. For this purpose, BRABUS engineers and technicians have developed a robust suspension with portal axles. This design principle includes special wheel ends with an integrated portal gear, which compensate for the extra height of the raised vehicle and drivetrain. The components necessary for this, such as the new integral subframe and the suspension arms, are made of high-strength aluminum using state-of-the-art CNC technology. Just like the production G-Class, the rear axle uses the principle of a rigid axle. It also required redesigning the axle components and milling them from solid aluminum parts. Changes include a reinforced axle housing and all suspension control arms. This axle geometry, calculated and extensively tested, plays a key role in the outstanding off-road capabilities of the BRABUS pickup.

BRABUS has developed a bespoke version of the BRABUS Ride Control coilover suspension specifically for the high chassis. At the touch of a button in the cockpit, the driver can change the damping settings using the standard DYNAMIC SELECT suspension adjustment function of the current Mercedes G-Class. In addition, the ride height of the titanium-coated BRABUS aluminum suspension can also be adjusted.

The visual identifying feature of the BRABUS chassis are the new BRABUS Monoblock Z HD wheels which have been adapted to the portal axles with an eight-hole bolt pattern. These alloys are designed for maximum strength and in size 9.5Jx22 with Pirelli Scorpion ATR off-road tires in size 325/55 R 22 perfectly fill the space under the exposed carbon fender flares. The wheels of the first vehicle of this limited edition were painted in “Gunmetal Black” and adorned with thin red stripes.

The name of this exceptional supercar says it all: The BRABUS 900 XLP “ONE OUT OF TEN” is powered by the currently most powerful engine in the vast engine range of the Bottrop dream factory. The engine is not only a treat in terms of technology, but also in terms of appearance, as the opening of the bonnet reveals with its characteristic bonnet: the BRABUS bonnet in red carbon sits on an eight-cylinder, four-valve engine , twin-turbo that has been upgraded with some high-performance components.

To reach the targeted 900 horsepower, the engine block was first revised. For the BRABUS 900 ROCKET V8 biturbo specification, displacement increased from 3,982 cc to 4,407 cc (243 to 269 cu in). For this purpose, the BRABUS engine workshop increases the cylinder bore to 84 millimeters (3.3 inches) and installs forged pistons of appropriate size. A precision-balanced billet-aluminum crankshaft with a 100-millimeter (3.9) longer stroke and correspondingly longer connecting rods completes the surgery on the mechanical inner workings of the V8.

In order to supply the high-performance engine with sufficient fuel and air, the BRABUS powertrain engineers have developed special high-pressure pumps with increased flow and a modified air filter system.

The forced induction system was also improved: the two production turbos had to make way for two BRABUS high-performance turbochargers with a larger compressor unit and a reinforced axial bearing. They produce a maximum boost pressure of 1.4 bar. In addition, BRABUS offers an acoustic treat in the form of BRABUS Boost Xtra, two special components for the two engine bypass valves. They produce a clearly audible nose blow when the driver lifts the gas, reminiscent of turbocharged racing engines.

The BRABUS high-performance exhaust system was tailor-made for the longer wheelbase of the pickup. In addition: the system also includes high-performance metal catalysts that reduce exhaust backpressure, special gasoline particulate filters and the two left and right rear silencers, whose chrome tailpipes exit through pairs under the running boards in front of the rear wheels on each side of the vehicle. Actively controlled integrated butterfly valves in the exhaust provide active sound management from the driver’s seat. In the open position, the top-of-the-range BRABUS engine produces a sporty, throaty eight-cylinder sound. The closed position generates a subtle “Coming Home” exhaust note.

All BRABUS high-performance hardware has been calibrated in extensive tests on dynamic and stationary test rigs and in extensive road tests to perfectly match the engine, nine-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive system. This results in new maps for injection, boost pressure control and ignition.

the BRABUS 900 ROCKET V8 biturbo The increased displacement engine ushers in a new dimension of performance for road-legal pickup trucks. The twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder produces its peak power of 662 kW / 900 PS (888 hp) at a low 6,200 rpm. The equally remarkable peak torque of 1,250 Nm (922 lb-ft) is already available at 2,900 rpm. It is electronically limited in the car to 1,050 Nm (774 lb-ft) to protect the transmission. The nine-speed automatic transmission can also be changed manually with the ergonomic BRABUS RACE carbon shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Driving performance is equally outstanding and mirrors the engine performance data. From rest, the all-terrain-capable supercar soars to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.4 seconds. Due to the off-road tires, the top speed is electronically limited to 210 km/h (130 mph).

The driver and passengers of the BRABUS 900 XLP “ONE OUT OF TEN” experience this superiority in a cockpit that offers luxury and individuality in their purest form. The company’s upholstery workshop will create a tailor-made BRABUS MASTERPIECE interior for each vehicle, which will be designed according to the personal wishes of the vehicle owner down to the smallest detail. To facilitate entry and exit, the rear doors are modified to open at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Rear passengers are kept informed of destination, outside temperature and speed by three gauges, which have been stylishly integrated into the headliner using a custom console.

The vehicle shown in the photos has been upholstered in the finest ‘Mondial Black’ leather to contrast with the special gray paint finish. The leather is adorned with ‘Jet Black’ piping and also black stitching. The center sections of the seats and parts of the door panels feature shell-like quilting and perforations applied with pinpoint precision. The plastic parts inside have been enhanced with matte “ROCKET Red” glazing for contrast.

The exclusive designer cockpit also includes a clock, designed by luxury watchmaker Panerai to echo its famous LUMINOR chronograph. A full carbon package and bespoke aluminum components such as pedals and door lock pins add decidedly sporty touches to the cockpit. The BRABUS speedometer of 300 km/h (186 mph) reflects the enormous performance potential of this premium pickup.