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CodeCombat presented at the 33rd Annual International Computer Science Olympiad


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – As the world’s most prestigious global coding competition for high school students, the International Computing Olympiad (IOI) used CodeCombat’s competitive game-based coding platform to challenge skills Programming from some of the world’s most powerful coders, in a single head-to-head coding competition.

“As a member of the programming team that developed the CodeCombat AI League, it is an absolute honor to have used it at this esteemed event,” said Valentin Briukhanov, the platform’s lead architect. Revolutionary esports form of CodeCombat. “It validates the game as a powerful learning tool and creative play platform. ”

The Competitor’s Code determined which champions to summon and how those champions entered into battle. The innovative AI battle simulator executed participants’ code against others to determine who programmed the best strategies and tactics to win. After a first round of classification, the top sixteen were given extra time to change the code before entering a one-on-one bracket-style tournament to crown a champion.

“Coding competitions or hackathons are not new,” said Nick Winter, CEO of CodeCombat, “but our drive to evolve the format has led us to develop the CodeCombat AI League, a unique esport that innovates in competitive coding. ”

Featuring some of the best programmers from around the world, the International Computing Olympiad (IOI) in partnership with CodeCombat and Caprikon Education hosted the tournament on June 23, 2021 and awarded prizes to the top four artists.

“Working closely with our partner Caprikon Education has opened up incredible opportunities like this,” said Bill Wang, Greater China and Asia manager for CodeCombat. “Being a part of the IOI event is an incredible platform to continue our shared mission of supporting accessible coding education. ”

CodeCombat continues to grow its presence in competitive coding. Recently partnered with AI Youth China, the regional coding competition brought together 66,336 participants, making it one of the largest code-based hackathons in China. And with the launch of the CodeCombat AI League earlier this year, Season 1 saw 16,775 contestants enter regular season competition and 5,240 take on the challenge of the Championship Finals.

About CodeCombat

Our products have helped over 20 million students enjoy learning computer science, teaching them to be critical, confident and creative learners.


About CodeCombat AI League

This esports innovation combines a competitive AI combat simulator with an engine for learning real Python and JavaScript. Each competitor programs a team of AI heroes in asynchronous or real-time head-to-head matches where their code powers combat strategies and tactics.


About the International Computer Science Olympiad

The International Computer Science Olympiad is one of the many International Science Olympiads held each year. Outstanding high school students from 87 countries participate in the prestigious algorithmic competition to hone their computer skills, such as problem analysis, algorithm and data structure design, programming and testing.

About Caprikon Education

World-class educational service provider and trusted partner of over 350 schools in Hong Kong, providing innovative school packages that promote technological learning in the school environment.


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