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Conducting nighttime activities within the law: Hyderabad Police


Hyderabad: Managers of various pubs, bars and drive-through restaurants have been urged to control noise pollution and conduct their business within the law, Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand said.

Acting on complaints and concerns from the public and residents, CP called a meeting to address the nightlife industry. During the meeting, the PC addressed the issues and set out guidelines under the Municipal Police Act for smoother operations.

He pointed to issues such as noise pollution, traffic jams and public nuisance, and urged them to adhere to rules regarding timings, parking and sound.

He reminded the participants of the prevailing standards set out in the city’s police law and advised them to conduct their activities within the framework of the laws.

He also clarified that establishments should not be open beyond 12 noon on weekdays, while an additional hour is granted on weekends with a half-hour grace period to complete the accounts for the day.
“Customers can be politely notified by dimming the lights 10 minutes before closing time, a common practice in developed countries,” he said.

He then reiterated the state government’s strong stance against drug abuse in the city, and that a few cases of lawlessness could cost the state dearly in terms of foreign investment.

“Thanks to the efforts of the state government, Hyderabad has become the preferred destination for investors. The city fulfills all the parameters of foreign investors and other parts of India such as excellent law and order, female safety, ease of doing business, faster clearances and good nightlife,” CV Anand said.

He called on pub, bar and drive-in owners to reduce inconvenience to residents and run businesses responsibly. He urged them to defend the reputation of the city and the state which is compromised by the few who violate standards for small gains.

The following guidelines must be strictly enforced by all venues serving alcohol in accordance with CP:

  • Minors should not be allowed inside.
  • Limit sound levels so as not to exceed the authorized decibel unit
  • Install CCTVs with 30 days backup and ensure a dedicated team monitors it
  • Soundproofing of premises
  • Commitment of valets
  • Search staff and customers for suspicious activity

Meanwhile, CP said the spirit of granting 24-hour alcohol service to four-star and above hotels is for its international travelers or delegates, but not for the general public. audience.

“Adhering to the state government’s focus on the ease of doing business, we will soon be offering an online option on our website through which you can apply for renewals and other licenses and there will be minimal interaction and no harassment by the police,” assured the CP.

“Let Hyderabad be known as the safest city in the world and not a place where drugs are also readily available and let’s work together,” he concluded.