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Court documents say DeSantis election police are arresting people who were told they could vote


The Guardian reports that many of the people (ultimately 19, not 20) who were targeted by the Governor’s Brownshirt Brigade were either told or led to believe – by election officials or other government-sanctioned officials. State – that they were indeed qualified to vote. In many cases, they issued a voter’s card and had no problem voting, so they were completely stunned to learn that they had broken a law.

Court documents show that many of the defendants caught up in this fake sting claim to have very good reason to believe they weren’t breaking the law when they voted in 2020.

One of the voters charged, Douglas Oliver, a 59-year-old black man from Tampa, was convicted of a sex crime in 2001, which made him ineligible to vote in Florida. He told the Guardian he hadn’t thought of voting until a canvasser approached him one day in a store and encouraged him to sign up in 2020. Oliver said he revealed his felony conviction and the solicitor said he was eligible. After submitting a registration application, he obtained a registration card from his local Hillsborough County election office.

As Daily Kos noted, Governor DeSantis announced his intention to create this task force for several reasons, none of which are good. Like all GOP overtures to election integrity, the goal is to scare people out of voting with the threat of incarceration, in a state that has a history of incarcerating all manner of people of color for little nearly any reason. DeSantis and the GOP are also making these shows of force to distract from their lack of actionable policy ideas. The problem is that once you start spending money on door knockers, you’ll find any excuse to kick doors down.

Here is another story from the court documents:

Michelle Stribling, a 52-year-old black woman from Eatonville convicted in 1993 of second-degree murder, told investigators during an Aug. 5 interview at her home that she “couldn’t read or write very well” and could not did not understand the questions related to her ex-criminal status on the registration documents. But Orange County election officials sent her a voter card after she registered, leading her to believe she was able to vote.

DeSantis, of course, didn’t hold a press conference when discussing real bad actors in Republican strongholds who admitted to doing things like “voting twice.” DeSantis also forgot to mention that many of the people they arrested were only told they weren’t allowed to vote this year, nearly two years after they allegedly voted illegally.

Neil Volz, deputy director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, said The Miami Herald that this mess is a design of bad government decisions, after decades of conservatives cutting resources from election infrastructure. “We’ve been beating that drum for years. If you can’t trust the government to tell you if you’re eligible upstream, how can you sue someone downstream?

There are two major variations in DeSantis’ approach to voter fraud: The voters who have valid excuses are mostly people of color and from Democratic areas, while the people DeSantis keeps silent about are white and from areas. Republican votes.

It is not difficult to understand the approaches to dueling, of course. It’s anti-democracy, it’s racist and it’s the platform of the Grand Old Party.


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