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Curling Tour Lecture: The Full Torger


In this strange season – an Olympic season that has been rocked by past and present cancellations of Covid – discussions on the tour now include a world championship held in October. Honest.


Wheelchair curling is systematically overlooked by too many people in the world of curling. Usually hosted between February and April, except in Paralympic years, the pandemic pushed the 2021 World Championships into the fall as an Olympic and Paralympic test event, held at the Beijing Ice Cube.

Eleven teams will qualify for the Paralympic Games, but not directly through this 12-team competition. The 11 nations – after host China – with the most points accumulated in the 2019 world championships, 20 and 21 will be confirmed for Beijing.

In today’s qualifying round, Sweden crippled Scotland while the United States continued their impressive momentum by eliminating Canada.

Team USA, led by Matthew Thums and with third Stephen Emt, beat Canada 6-4 and will face defending champions China in a semi-final. The Americans were relegated in 2020 and won the wheelchair curling world championship earlier this year to qualify for those world championships.

The Swedes, who beat Scotland 10-0, will face the Russian Curling Federation (RCF) in the other semi-final.

Yes, there is streaming coverage, because there is always streaming coverage, but this one is a little scary, folks. Be careful … because you never know.


Moved to Eveleth, MN from sunny SoCal, the United States Olympic Mixed Doubles Trials are in full swing. Defending national champions Vicky Persinger and Chris Plys are tied with young guns Sarah Anderson and Korey Dropkin with win / lose records of 5-2.

Three more pairs — Christensen / Shuster, siblings Hamilton and Sinclair / Ruohonen — follow at 4-3.

The Hamiltons won the right to represent the United States at PyeongChang 2018, and finished 2-5. Sunday’s champions will leave for Beijing in February.

Bob Weber-USA Curling

Bob Weber-USA Curling

Yes, there is streaming coverage … because there is always streaming coverage.


We will finally know the full roster of the men’s and women’s teams at the Canadian Olympic Trials after this weekend.

In the direct qualifying for the preliminary practice in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, there was a lot of intrigue. Here is a couple.

Curling Canada YouTube

Curling Canada YouTube

It’s always great to see Krista McCarville’s team do it their own way. This is the only team in Canada’s high performance program that doesn’t really play cashspiel; they play at home in the Thunder Bay Super League and in non-pandemic tournaments. After taking the entire 2020-21 year due to COVID-19, they showed up for preliminary testing and on Friday morning sit comfortably at 4-1.

The Ontario quartet is tied in the standings with provincial rival Jackie Harrison, while Corryn Brown of British Columbia is 4-2.

In the other girl group, Suzanne Birt from PEI. is 4-1 when two teams are 3-2; compatriot Mackenzie Zacharias of Winnipeg and veteran saavy Sherry Anderson of Saskatchewan.

Michael Burns-Curling Canada

Michael Burns-Curling Canada

As he wrote a few weeks ago, blog star Mike Fournier will be retiring from elite curling wars after these preliminary trials, unless he snatches one of the men’s spots for the Olympic trials next month, of course.

Mike threw stones at the front, and Felix Asselin threw the last stones. They just beat Jason Gunnlaugson 11-4 on Friday morning to move to 3-2 in their pool, while the Gunners fell to 4-2. Tanner Horgan, who now jumps Scott MacDonald’s former team, is perfect at 5-0.

The other men’s pool sees a current tie between Tyler Tardi and Colton Flasch at 4-1, while the ageless Glenn Howard hides at 3-1.

Yes, there is streaming coverage … because there is always streaming coverage.


I might be late for this party, but for some reason I like the full names displayed on the back of Norwegian team Steffen Walstad.

As this screenshot shows, it’s Torger Nergård, the people, not just Nergård.

YouTube World Curling Tour

YouTube World Curling Tour

Imagine if they also had player numbers on their backs, just like in the good old days (mid-2000s)?

The team also won the Champéry Masters against the Italian Joel Retornaz. Yes, there was streaming coverage … because there is still streaming coverage.

Speaking of the full Torger, you’d think any news from her former skipper, Thomas Ulsrud, could make some waves in the world of curling. Well … it was a tsunami of reactions, especially on MetaFacebook, when we offered simple congratulations to retiree Legend of Pants on his 50th birthday.

It’s pretty clear that if Ulsrud ever returned to the ice, he would still be an attraction.

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