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DigitalOcean acquires CSS-Tricks – WP Tavern


CSS-Tricks was acquired by DigitalOcean, a popular cloud hosting provider among developers. Chris Coyier launched the site in 2007 and will work with DigitalOcean as an advisor during the transition before stepping down to focus on his other projects.

“CSS-Tricks deserves more human power than I could provide,” Coyier said. “That’s where DigitalOcean comes in. That’s the ‘why now.’ They have the resources to put behind CSS-Tricks, and the motivation to do it. have been doing themselves successfully for a long time.

DigitalOcean announced the news on Twitter with charming CSS animation, and many developers expressed their gratitude for what CSS-Tricks did for their professional skills while they learned web development.

Over the past 15 years, CSS-Tricks has become an authoritative and inexhaustible resource for frontend developers. Browse the archives to the early days of CSS-Tricks for a blast from the past, with tutorials and sample code for things like creating a CSS menu with hover images and the how and why of erasing floats. If there was a time capsule for the web, CSS-Tricks is an important historical document that should be there.

“I can’t think of another website I grew up with that continues to be such an important part of my life,” said longtime contributor Robin Rendle, echoing the experiences of an entire generation. of developers.

“Whenever I get stuck on a front-end problem or whenever I run into a problem with something, there’s almost a 100% chance that Chris has already written about the problem and all 18 different solutions.”

The archive includes 1,475 articles related to WordPress in one way or another, with many helpful tutorials like A Deep Introduction to WordPress Block Themes. Jetpack and WordPress.com have sponsored numerous articles on CSS-Tricks because the resource is so widely used in the tech industry.

What will become of CSS-Tricks in the hands of its new owner? DigitalOcean has built a well-respected technical writing team over the years and has prioritized producing training resources for developers. The company and its network of contributors have authored 6,000 developer tutorials and around 30,000 community-generated questions and answers. They are well equipped to continue what Coyier started.

The beloved publication will continue as a standalone site run by DigitalOcean and will continue to publish new front-end content.

“CSS-Tricks will expand and complement our existing content library, strengthening DigitalOcean’s reach to frontend and full-stack developers, and supports our community strategy, a key differentiator for DigitalOcean in the cloud computing space,” said the CEO of DigitalOcean, Yancey Spruill.