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Ellsworth Police Journal Week of June 24


Citizens call for suspicious behavior

ELLSWORTH – Officers were called to several locations following reports of people acting in a manner that observers deemed “suspicious”. The investigation of the incidents proved that they were unfounded. The reports included a request to check a suspicious motorcycle parked on the side of a local road on June 20. The driver told police the motorcycle broke down and was awaiting a tow.

On June 19, police received a report of suspicious activity around a local residence. They patrolled the area overnight and saw no suspicious activity.

Also on June 19, Constable Toni Ryan responded to a report of a suspicious man entering cars at a local grocery store. She learned that the man, who was elderly, was trying to locate his sister’s car.

Truck on fire

Police responded to a report of a burning truck on Happytown Road on June 12 and found Nicklas Steinbarger, 18, of Blue Hill, pacing the pavement. He told officers he had just bought the truck from someone 3 miles away and as he was driving he noticed smoke coming out of the engine, with flames rising as he parked . Steinbarger has been cautioned for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Speed ​​Details

Officer Jon Mahon performed two speed details on June 17, one early in the morning and one in the early afternoon. He stopped 30 cars, issued 25 speed warnings, two fault warnings and three speeding tickets.


On June 18, police issued a Trespass Notice to a Gouldsboro resident not to return to private property in Ellsworth.

On June 16, officers cautioned a man for felony intrusion after a woman from Ellsworth reported that her boyfriend would keep harassing her and showing up at her home. The man was also warned not to have contact with the woman.

The agency assists

Constable Zackery Kline assisted the Department of Health and Human Services with a local resident welfare check on June 18.

Police received a request from Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital on June 15 to help a patient with mental health issues who was out of control.

Officers abducted an intoxicated woman after a call from Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital on June 18.

Police helped the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency search a vehicle on June 14.

Officer Robert Angelo helped the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office arrest a driver two MPs were chasing on June 16. The man, Darren Smith, was then charged by the sheriff’s office.

National calls

Police responded to a local residence for a domestic situation on June 18. Police separated the parties, one part leaving “to calm down,” Kline reported.

Constable James Hassard responded to an incident on Bangor Road on June 20 in which a man allegedly tried to run over a woman. But when officers arrived, they found the woman had gotten out of the car during an argument to walk and the man was “just following behind her in the car.”

Youth issue

On June 19, police fully investigated a suspicious incident report involving a policeman from Ellsworth on the Downeast Highway and determined that the youth had made up the incident. No charges have been laid.


A local company reported a theft on June 15 but refused to press charges.

Arrests and summons

David Conway, 22, of Ellsworth, surrendered on a current term on June 18.

Keoki Huntley, 41, of Sherman was arrested on two active arrest warrants in Penobscot County on June 16.

A 17-year-old girl from Ellsworth was summoned for underage alcohol possession on June 16.


A driver left the road after falling asleep at the wheel, but escaped unscathed when his 2007 Subaru sedan caught fire. Robert Wilson, 25, from Bangor was heading north on Bangor Road near the Winkumpaugh Road intersection on the morning of June 4 when he struck a pole guide wire before stopping. The car then caught fire. Police did not say why the car caught fire.

42-year-old Westbrook woman Kristina Corbezzola reportedly ran a Church Street stop sign on June 10, hitting a 2013 Toyota sedan traveling on Oak Street driven by Jamie L. Hicks, 34, of Ellsworth. Hicks complained of general pain but refused to receive immediate medical attention. Corbezzola was found by police to have a suspended driver’s license. The 2004 Buick sport utility vehicle she was driving is owned by an Ellsworth resident. Both vehicles sustained functional damage in the crash, but only Hicks’ Toyota had to be towed.

Ceceila A. Doering, 19, of Holden drifted from the northbound lane to the southbound lane on Bangor Road at 4:40 a.m. on June 19. His 2014 Subaru sedan then veered off the road. Doering ended up in a ditch, damaging the front end, landing gear and wheel assemblies of the Subaru. She also received a nosebleed and a possible head injury. His passenger, Mary A. Butler, 18, also hit her head. Neither of them sought medical treatment.

Journalist Anne Berleant covers news and reporting in Ellsworth, Mariaville, Otis, Amherst, Aurora, Great Pond and Osborn. When not reporting, find her hiking the local trails, reading, or watching professional tennis. Email him at [email protected]
Anne Berléant


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