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Fenton DPW is ready for winter | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI


About 2 inches of snow fell over the Fenton area on Saturday, November 27, which was the region’s first snowfall of the 2021/2022 winter season.

Trees, buildings and roads were covered with a white, fluffy substance. Enough snow fell in a matter of hours for a winter weather advisory to be in effect for Detroit and most of southeastern Michigan until late Saturday night. Temperatures were around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dan Brisson, city of Fenton public works manager, said weather conditions called for two trucks of salt in the morning and more plowing and salting on city-owned streets, parking lots and sidewalks on Saturday night and Sunday. morning.

He was not surprised to see snow on this date.

“While we’ve experienced mild winter conditions for the past few years, there are typically a few November events that require varying degrees of response,” Brisson said.

In November 2020, the DPW did not respond to any winter events. There were three times in November 2019 that required snowplows and salting. The first snow event this season was Veterans Day, November 11.

More snow fell on Monday, November 29.

When asked what kind of winter he was hoping for, Brisson said, “Jokingly, the kind where it doesn’t snow on a paved surface. Already. Equipment for plowing and salt roads is expensive to own, operate and maintain. Salt and other de-icing chemicals are at record cost. Freeze-thaw cycles can cause a lot of damage to Michigan roads. “

Nevertheless, the DPW is prepared for the winter. They start working on the equipment and buying salt months before the first snowfall. DPW staff meet annually to review snow removal and salting procedures with the goal of being 100% ready by November 1.

“All of our dump trucks are fitted with underbody squeegee plows and the salt spreaders are computer controlled. The material spreading system on each truck is calibrated annually to ensure efficient use of road salt. The task of being ready for winter is very much focused on the technicians of the fleet, ”he said.

The city has a salt storage capacity of 300 tons. They work to keep it filled as deliveries can be choppy.

The city has a total of six dump trucks to handle the snow removal and salting operations for Fenton’s 125 miles of track. This includes four dump trucks with 10 foot bed scrapers and 5 ton capacity dump trucks with salt spreaders. Last year they purchased two tandem axle dump trucks, fitted with 12 foot bed scrapers, a 9 foot wing plow and a 7 ton dynamic bottom spreading system. These new trucks have pre-wet liquid application systems.

When the area receives heavy snowfall, dump trucks use the 12-foot frontal flows. One of the front loaders is fitted with a 12-foot snow pusher used to clear parking lots and city intersections.

On November 27, Flint received 2.6 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service. On average, Ann Arbor received approximately 4 inches and Howell received approximately 2.7 inches.

On Monday, November 29, the area received a few more inches of snow overnight. November 28 is the average date for the first inch of snow in Flint. The oldest date is October 12, and the last recorded date Flint received an inch of snow is January 13.