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Fitchburg man indicted on charges related to road rage incident – Sentinel and Enterprise


FITCHBURG – After a road rage incident in May between the driver of an Amazon delivery truck and a city dweller driving a Chevrolet Silverado, the town man was summoned to a district court to be formally charged assault with a dangerous weapon, malicious damage and negligent operation, according to police and court documents.

On May 26, police were informed by Ignacio Hernandez Garcia, 24, of Linden Street, that he had just been involved in a road rage incident involving him and an Amazon delivery truck, police said.

Garcia told the officer that while trying to turn his Silverado left onto Main Street, over the Water Street Bridge, the Amazon truck cut him off and he got angry, got out of his truck, walked over to the Amazon truck and started banging on the back of the truck’s door to get the driver’s attention, police said.

Garcia said when he got back into his Silverado he started honking and the Amazon truck backed up in front of his truck and sped up, police said, noting in the report that the Silverado had serious damage. in the front.

While an officer spoke with Garcia, a report came from state police that a soldier was with the driver of the Amazon truck at the Shell station on Commercial Road in Leominster, police said.

An officer went to the Shell station and spoke to the driver, who told him he had passed through Fitchburg – he did not know the town – and approached a traffic light and when he was changed lanes, he pulled up to a Silverado that started honking his horn, police said.

The Amazon driver told the officer that a man got out of the Silverado and climbed into the back of the truck, repeatedly knocking on the back door, which left fingerprints on his fingers, the police said. police.

After hitting the Amazon truck, the driver of the Silverado got back into his truck and moved forward, crashing into the Amazon truck and pushing it forward, the driver told police.

In an attempt to get away from the driver of the Silverado, the driver at Amazon turned left, when the driver of the Silverado crashed into the side of the truck and in doing so stuck what appeared to be a handgun through the driver’s window, the Amazon driver said. police, adding that he set off at full speed with the Silverado in pursuit, eventually reaching Route 2 before stopping at the Shell station.

After the incident, Garcia refused to speak to the police again, but offered a statement from a woman in her truck at the time of the crash, who said the Amazon truck had backed up in front of them and then s’ was rushed with the Silverado in pursuit, which was when the Amazon truck braked, forcing the Silverado to crash into it, police said.

Based on the two stories, police charged Garcia and requested an immediate suspension of his license, police said.

When arraigned on Monday, Garcia, who pleaded not guilty, was released on personal bail and ordered to return to court on August 22, according to court documents.


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