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Ford Mustang Mach 1 2021: Noisy and slow machine


Mustang. With flashy colored nails, each one looks a little different, but they are all of the same type. Over the years, you will likely jump, roll for a while, and then fall. If you’re fed up with your mount, or if it’s coping, another Mustang is always rounded in sight.

Except for the reduced number of ponies. Our theme this week is the addition of the 2021 Ford Mach 1 Premium (laughter eyes and tongue) to the lineup, with the other three special edition Mustangs leaving the carousel. Shelby GT350. Brit and Level 2 performance package. The Mach 1 is actually a retired horse meat blend that incorporates Brit’s naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8. Tremec 6-speed manual transmission with GT350 double disc clutch. Performance Package 2 magnetic shock absorber, rigid balance, front spring. And in what’s adorned with an optional handling package, Ford calls it a “magnetic swivel spoiler with a stretcher flap.” The squirrel calls the separator before the Scythe of Fate.

If you can’t blow Tesla’s door open, why is Mach 1 getting out of bed?

In other words, it’s the perfect Mustang for many. Yet with all the motorsport kits assembled, the Mach 1 broke no records. Car and Driver used a manual gearbox to record 4.3 seconds and 12.6 ¼ mph seconds at 0-60 mph. Like its predecessor, the Chevrolet Corvette, the Mustang’s traction is limited by weight transfer. A front-engine car can project most of its weight rearward onto the drive wheel only at the first moment with a full horn.

Born at the peak of the turmoil, Mach 1 is a post-oil baby. Heroically quick by traditional standards, it has been quietly overtaken by a number of field and pipeline electrical equipment, including Ford’s own Mustang Mach-E GT slated for release this fall. It’s just the nature of the mechanism.

Although it is reinforced and hardened with special Mustang top deck parts before cabin fever, the Mach 1 also benefits from the service of a large and comfortable Recaro seat (optional).

So why does Mach 1 get up in the morning if he can’t blow the door open for Libby’s tree lovers in their Tesla? It lies between the lines of Ford’s press release and dares to evoke the word “nostalgia”.

The page is turned. Selling a technically obsolete product is one thing. Relying on it is something else. Mach 1 is an example of nostalgic consumerism. It’s a good buy, not because it’s functional, but because it reminds the buyer of the good old days. Wooden boats, classic motorcycles, typewriters, vinyl records, vintage arcade games, fountain pens, tube amps and now high-performance mustangs are all more enjoyable and sentimental than functional and rational. . is.

As an example, consider Mach 1 fuel economy, EPA rating of 14/22 mpg, city / highway. Who knew many missed the days of the Carter administration? And keep in mind that your mileage will change, like me, as my neck rolled up a big V8 as often as I could tolerate. Mach 1 will get better fuel economy behind the flatbed truck.

Me ? In other words, Edna Mode de Couturier, nostalgia is now distracting. And it is necessarily revisionist. Having lived here during a period of praise for Mustang history, say the early 70s, we guarantee that there is nothing distant and authentic about the Mach 1 manual transmission, to the exception of the Cuball shifter. I go. It’s too smart and too good. On the one hand, this unmistakable 6-speed speeder activates the reverse gear on the trigger ring, which incorporates an automatic rev matching so that the driver does not have to step on the heel and toe (brake). And you don’t need to press the accelerator pedal at the same time). Right foot during a violent demotion).

Like the Ducati I have driven, and about as fast, the Mach 1 allows the driver to upshift without breathing in gas. Other track training wheels include launch control with line lock. This allows the car to be kept at optimum speed until the driver releases the brakes. Double disc clutches can be vibranium.

The FOLLOW MY CUE Mach 1 vintage white ball shifter is the pinnacle of Tremec’s 6-speed manual transmission, incorporating rpm matching during upshifts and downshifting without a lift.

In my day, Sony, the Mustang had unwanted axles and brakes playing cards, and we liked it. If you had told us that the Mustang would one day have a magnetically actuated shock absorber and a front brake rotor the size of a garbage can lid, our brains would have swelled out of our ears.

Even with a discount on iconic luggage, the Mach 1 is heavy. The 3,868-pound curb weight features a well-padded interior, a large-block engine and transmission, as well as extensive cooling systems for the engine oil, transmission and rear differential. Ford claims that this extra heat release helps maintain a durable hard drive on the race track. Or a car and a cafe in Portland.

Otherwise, given the annoyance of Mach 1, the quick-steering rattling snake. Rigid suspension for rear panel; Breathtaking Roaring Surroundings – I’m surprised Ford didn’t roll out the most annoying engine. A 5.2-liter V8 engine with a flat crankshaft previously housed in the GT350. The flat crankshaft (180 degree angle between crank turns) improves engine breathing and increases rpm, resulting in higher output per shift. They are rare in passenger cars due to their inherent un-dampened vibrations and secondary noise. Still, for a car like Mach 1, the flat chills and anger triggered by the hair seem appropriate.

Equipped with a more civilized V8 crossplane, the Mach 1 voice doesn’t sound as oaky as the GT350 voice, and the rainwater hoses rattle rather than hit the salt tax. Also, the 5.0-liter spool rpm is not as fast as the 5.2-liter. But it has volume.

The exhaust pipe consists of a 5.2 inch stainless steel twin catalytic converter with resonator, an exhaust mode valve, a dual muffler and a steel dual quad tailpipe stainless steel the size of a soft ball.

When 420 lb-ft are all in the pipe (4,600 rpm) and the thrust and noise, inductive roar and heavy exhaust are all pulled by the same silver cord attached to the right toe—bbbwwaahhhhhhhh !!! Huh-bbbwwaahhhhhh!!! Oh, that makes a noise of joy. I saw the old man turn and sit up as if to greet me.

Sure, your average Tesla grocery store might be faster, but Mach 1 will make you a local hero.


Ford Mustang Mach 1 Premium 2021

The cast aluminum wheels included in the lightweight handling package create a three-dimensional effect, says Ford. The wheels are 1 inch wide, but 2 pounds lighter than the standard option. The optional 6-piston, 15-inch Mach 1 front brakes are also shown.

Base price: $ 55,300

Price tested: $ 64,495

Powertrain : 5.0-liter DOHC V8 naturally aspirated, 4 valves per cylinder, port and direct injection, independent cam timing, cross-plane crankshaft. 6 speed manual transmission with double disc clutch. Rear wheel drive with limited slip differential.

Power / Torque: 480 hp @ 7,000 rpm / 420 lb-ft @ 4,600 rpm

Length / Width / Height / Wheelbase: 188.5 / 75.4 / 54.3 / 107.1 inch

0-60 mph: 4.3 seconds (car and driver)

maximum speed: 168 mph

Unloaded weight : £ 3,868

EPA Fuel Economy: 14/22/17 mpg, city / highway / resort

Loading capacity: 13.5 cubic feet

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