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Ford’s SEMA Entries Include Modified Bronco, Mach-E, Maverick



With the cancellation of the SEMA 2020 show, Ford and its associates have had a little more time to come up with a slew of modified vehicles to show off at the 2021 event. How many vehicles make up a slew, exactly? In this case, that means more than 40 unique Ford Project vehicles that will be on display in Las Vegas next week.

It’s no surprise that the SEMA fleet is made up of some of the brand’s most popular models, including at least three Mavericks, two Rangers, four F-150s, and three Mustang Mach-E SUVs. Bigger F-Series trucks, gas-powered Mustangs, and Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs will also be featured, all with the intention of inspiring customers to customize their own Fords.

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Skyjacker Ford Ranger

Ford, of course, promotes its Ford performance parts and Ford licensed accessories, and that’s why you’ll see these products all over the vehicles on display, including on the Skyjacker Ranger pictured here. This truck tries to take the Ranger’s off-road skills to the next level with a six-inch Skyjacker Suspension lift, Warn winch and sliding side steps and lighting upgrades with Rigid Industries lighting on the A-pillar and a roof off- road light bar. The powertrain has also been recalibrated and the cat-back exhaust system has black chrome tips.


DRAGG Maverick

The lifeguard-ready DRAGG Maverick is a personal favorite, not for one particular feature, but because it is a collaboration between Oxnard Union High School and the Oxnard, California Police Department. The two disparate groups came up with a beachside rescue truck concept that houses toolbox swing crates in a Ford-licensed accessory mattress topper. It also has water sports support, fender flares, Neosupreme front seat covers, sun visor and off-road cubic lights.


Tucci Maverick

The Tucci version of the Ford Maverick takes the small pickup in a different direction, while still keeping the drag racing spirit. Resembling a hot rod pickup from an earlier era, the XLT Maverick series has been transformed by Tucci Hot Rods to be wider with 3D printed fender flares and a 3D printed front lip and custom wheels. retro look. Four Recaro Sportster seats and racing harnesses ensure that no one inside the truck forgets the type of vehicle they are sitting in.


Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Concept

On the electrified side of things, one of the modified Mustang Mach-E GTs on display will look familiar to anyone familiar with Ford’s racing history. The name, of course, gives some details, but this blue and white striped performance vehicle replaces some of the original body parts with graphene infused carbon fiber components made by Shelby American. The changes include the front fairing, front fenders and rear flares, as well as a different hood with a large vent to reduce front lift. Springs, tires and seats have also been improved. This year will be the first time Ford has presented a gasoline Mustang and a Mach-E Mustang at SEMA.


M2 Motoring Mustang GT

One of the gasoline Mustangs on display will be the M2 Motoring Mustang GT. Starting with a manual transmission 2021 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack, M2 Motoring lowered the springs, added a big GT350R brake kit, and then gave the V-8 engine a 750hp supercharger kit, half-shafts. upgraded and a performance pack level. 2 front dividers from the Ford performance parts upgrade menu. The car has also been visually modified with a custom Motorcraft livery on the exterior and laser engraved armrest, Recaro RPSP leather seats and GT500 dashboard trim on the interior.


MAD F-450 Super Duty Platinum

Large trucks are not left out at SEMA, thanks to the presence of the MAD Industries F-450 Super Duty Platinum fifth wheel. Kids of all ages will love the forged wheels, upgraded sway bars, custom four-inch rear-axle exhaust with black chrome tips and various exterior accents color-matched to MAD Industries. For added off-road perks, the MAD truck also offers a portable air compressor, power retractable bedspread, folding rear and side steps and, in case you couldn’t tell it’s of a big truck, the black chrome “Super Duty” lettering on the hood. There are also headlamps galore and a fridge / freezer installed.

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