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Four takeaways as Boston Celtics knock out Toronto Raptors 104-88 in first home win of season


BOSTON – The Celtics got rid of some anomalies early in the season on Wednesday, earning a revenge first and then leaving the field for cheers instead of taunts.

The Cs led end to end over the Raptors in a 104-88 victory at TD Garden, winning their third of last four games to move up to 5-6.

Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 22 points, although the number of shots was tough at 8 for 24 from the field. Six Celtics finished in double digits as Robert Williams III was an early force with 16 points and 13 rebounds. There were a lot of gaps in the Celtics game on Wednesday, but it didn’t matter in the final score.

The last time the Celtics and Raptors met at TD Garden, it was the completely opposite performance to that of C. The Celtics were booed from their own home after a dismal performance, where Boston coach Ime Udoka, said the Raptors had them “punks”.

This was not the case on Wednesday. The Celtics sprinted to take the lead in the first half, commanding the Raptors with impressive play. Toronto had a few responses down the home stretch in the fourth quarter, but Boston responded with the win. The Raptors fell to 6-6.

Boston took the win despite the absence of Jaylen Brown, who is still out with hamstring strain. The Celtics are back home for a 7:30 p.m. Friday game against defending NBA champions the Bucks.

Here are four takeaways from Boston’s resounding victory over Toronto:

Finally a home victory

While the cast was the same, the end product was the opposite of when the Celtics and Raptors first met in the regular season. The Cs played with a lot of effort, appearing aggressive as they were the ones responding to whatever the Raptors threw at them.

The end result was Boston’s first home win of the season, his first in four tries. The Celtics and Pelicans were the only NBA teams to enter Wednesday without a win at home.

The Cs were plagued by inconsistent effort and shooting in their first meeting of the season against the Raptors. They kept the pressure on Toronto firmly. As the Raptors eroded in the second half, the Celtics had a response by keeping the visitors at a comfortable distance.

The Lord of Time feasted

The first half of Wednesday was the best of the season for Williams. He started off with three offensive rebounds, quickly turning it over for buckets each time. That was the theme at first because Williams was a force within.

Williams had 14 points and 11 rebounds in the first half alone as he was a threat on the glass. The big man finished with eight offensive rebounds, a career high.

While Williams played more of a supporting role early in this season – his first lick to consistent starting minutes in his career – it was a huge silver lining for Boston on Wednesday.

Affecting the game

Shooting stats didn’t look good for Tatum – at one point he missed eight consecutive shots. But there were signs the 23-year-old was turning into a better all-rounder on Wednesday as he tallied seven assists and 12 rebounds on his stat line.

He flirted with a triple-double and probably would have made it if there had been a bit better shot from the Celtics. The shots didn’t fall for Tatum, but it was at least part of a winning effort on Wednesday.

Boston needed Tatum to be their otherworldly self on Wednesday as the Raptors posted a double-digit deficit. Instead, the Celtics got an effective Tatum who helped as a playmaker.

Champions welcome

Celtics play back-to-back home games for the first time this season; then they welcome the defending champions of the Bucks. Milwaukee started off slower than expected, but Giannis Antetokounmpo is still a force whenever he takes the pitch.

It will be a good challenge for the Celtics, who have had a more difficult schedule than expected. Friday’s game will also be the start of a back-to-back game as the Celtics face the upstart Cavaliers on Saturday.


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