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Framework emerges for Kyrie Irving’s Lakers trade


The Los Angeles Lakers and Kyrie Irving are in each other’s sights. He clearly wants to go to Los Angeles and the franchise desperately needs to make some seismic changes from last season.

Understandably, the Brooklyn Nets are reluctant to welcome Irving in any scenario other than the one that benefits them the most. They don’t want the polarizing 30-year-old, especially not now that Kevin Durant is about to leave, but they don’t want to give him up for peanuts either.

A declining Russell Westbrook isn’t particularly appealing to Nets general manager Sean Marks.

That said, a framework for an Irving-Los Angeles deal has slowly begun to emerge over the past day.

According to Sam Amick and Jovan Buha of The Athletic, there are two realistic scenarios that would result in a trade between these two teams.

The first and simplest would simply involve an Irving-for-Westbrook trade.

“Part of a deal might look like this: Irving and a second Nets player (Seth Curry, newly acquired Royce O’Neale or Day’Ron Sharpe) in exchange for the 2027 first-round selections of Westbrook and the Lakers. and 2029.,” they wrote.

Needless to say, being able to add someone like Curry alongside Irving would be huge, especially given how poor the Lakers’ three-point shooting was last season.

The second path for Irving in Los Angeles would be to involve a third team, which always makes things much more difficult.

“If the Nets are unwilling to take on Westbrook’s salary, a third team could come into the mix, with one of the Lakers picks and potentially Talen Horton-Tucker and/or Kendrick Nunn being involved,” Amick noted. and Buha.

Things are very up in the air right now. Durant’s trade is a big domino that has yet to fall. When moved, it will have a significant ripple effect – one that could also cause Irving to be dealt with.

Currently there is only one NBA team other than Durant absolutely will not be exchanged. This means that a lot of things are still on the table. Brooklyn has no incentive to trade with the Lakers now that Durant is clearly the number one priority.

That being said, it’s hard to ignore what ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst predicted about Irving and the Lakers earlier this week. He is rarely wrong.

Sooner or later, it seems inevitable that Irving will end up in purple and gold.