Home Source code Hashtag Trend July 30 – EA Ransom Fails; Apple bans anti-vax dating app; Amazon soap dispenser cleans your hands better

Hashtag Trend July 30 – EA Ransom Fails; Apple bans anti-vax dating app; Amazon soap dispenser cleans your hands better



Hackers failed to sell the stolen EA data, Apple is throwing anti-vax dating app out of its app store, and Amazon’s new soap dispenser wants to help you wash your hands properly.

It’s all the tech news that’s all the rage right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Tuesday August 3rd and I’m your host, Tom Li.

The pirates who hope to get a good salary from the Electronic Arts (EA) data stolen last month their dreams were shattered when no one wanted to pay for it. The hackers, who stole 780 GB of source code from EA’s internal repository, attempted to sell the data for $ 28 million on a hacker forum last month. Unfortunately for them, the data was mostly source code which was not very meaningful to other cybercrime groups, who valued sensitive personal information over the source code of games. The hackers then turned around and attempted to extort EA, but the company did not budge. Frustrated, they decided to post the entire data dump on a public forum. But EA is not worried and has assured its customers that this will have no impact on its business functions.

Tinder and various other dating platforms are now giving out a cool badge for people who have received the Covid 19 vaccine. Unfortunately, the anti-vax crowd is not happy to have been left out. So they created Not injected, a dating app exclusively for anti-vaccines and posted it on the Apple App Store. The app was short lived, however, as Apple almost immediately rejected it. Its users have once again expressed dismay, calling the move harsh censorship.

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the need for good hygiene, and one of the most effective ways to reduce transmission is to wash your hands. While many of us sing a tune in our heads to make sure we’ve washed our hands for 20 seconds, Amazon wants to make sure you’re counting correctly by posting a smart soap dispenser. The dispenser has a light on the top that counts up to 20 to ensure consistent washing every time. Its asking price of $ 55 is a bit steep, but if you think you’ll find it useful, leave a review on ITWC and tell us why.

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