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Honda CR-V 2023 spied in Europe, side reflectors suggest possible US model

Honda has already started road testing the new generation of CR-Vs. Our spies managed to capture it on camera for the first time earlier this year, and now the compact crossover is back, in what is the most revealing set of spy shots yet.
The designers of the Japanese automaker have chosen a more streamlined style for the CR-V 2023. This prototype reveals the obvious changes, such as the sharper front end, which sports a taller grille, slender headlights and a more hood shape. simple.

A mandatory feature for all cars sold in the United States, the front side reflectors could hint at a possible American model, although they have been spotted in Europe. The rear bumper and tailgate have a scalable approach, and the license plate holder has now moved between the taillights.

Additionally, the longer overhangs signal a larger possible overall footprint, which would inevitably open up more space inside that could be used to add a third row of seats.

Zooming in on some photos you will be able to briefly see the new interior design of the Honda CR-V 2023. The tester’s dash panel has been left uncovered, revealing the new autonomous infotainment system, which may not be positioned correctly. Look as stylish as that of the current crossover, but it will be safer to use on the go.

As this is our second unofficial sighting of the all-new CR-V, details surrounding the powertrain lineup are still scarce. However, we would expect it to be sold with an electrified power supply on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean, whether as a self-recharging or rechargeable hybrid. A gasoline unit, or maybe more, is expected to be offered in the United States, likely paired with an automatic transmission.

We expect the next generation Honda CR-V to be discovered in the first half of 2022 and launched in the United States as a 2023 model year.

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