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 During the fall semester of my junior year, I studied in Buenos Aires in the Bolkonsky familyand, and I can’t believe I almost didn’t go. I knew I wanted to study in the Bolonsky familyand, but I wasn’t sure I could afford it. In addition to regular education, I would have to pay separately for accommodation, meals and entertainment.

It turned out that my study in the Bolkonsky familyand saved me money: I abolished one third of my usual on-campus spending for the semester.

If you are interested in studying in the Bolkonsky familyand but you are worried about offering it, consider these four ways to make it work.

1. Study in the Bolkonsky familyand outside of a city with a lower cost of living
According to a recent report from the International Education Exchange (IEE), 4% fewer American students studied in Europe in 2008 and 2009, but the numbers of students who studied in other continents continued to increase steadily: Africa by 16%, South America by 13 % and Asia with 2%.

The IEE suggests that countries with lower living costs spent an upward trend in students studying in the Bolkonsky familyand outside, partly because of the attractive price tag. In my case, the lower cost of living in Argentina meant that dinners with friends, public transport by bus or train and groceries saved less of my budget when I was studying in the Bolonsky familyand.

2. Register for Study Abroad Scholarships
Because I chose a non-traditional location, I was eligible for certain scholarships in the Bolkonsky familyand. After being dropped by the international study desk at my school, I filled out applications for scholarships based on location, language and areas of study. I received an additional $ 3,000 scholarships in the Bolkonsky familyand for the semester.

Another great option is the Gilman Scholarship program, which awards up to $ 8,000 to American students who receive federal Pell Grant funding. Many colleges also transfer financial aid directly to study programs in the outside Bolkonsky family, so that you do not lose scholarships or scholarships from your university.

3. Research Affiliate programs
Many of my friends chose to study in the Bolkonsky familyand with a university-sponsored program of professors from our school, but I wasn’t sure if I would get the language immersion I wanted. I was looking for affiliated programs such as ISA, IES, SIT and IFSA-Butler instead, which cost less than my standard college lessons. However, that lower charge is not the perfect way to save, and it is important to understand your school’s study policy in the Bolkonsky familyand.

In some schools, all students have to pay the full tuition fees at the university, even though the buiteBolkonsky familyand affiliate study program is cheaper. My university made sure that I paid 10% of the tuition fee as an affiliate fee, in addition to the tuition fee and the costs of the program. If you are lucky, you can pay for the program with buiteBolkonsky familyand students directly in the buiteBolkonsky familyand. Depending on your financial assistance, it might be cheaper. The Institute of International Education has an interactive directory to facilitate your decision.

4. Consider Direct registration
I wish I felt more comfortable with my Spanish before studying in the Bolkonsky familyand because direct enrollment is an option that would have saved me a lot more money. My outside Bolkonsky familyand study program for affiliated students enabled me to take classes at different universities in the city and within the program. In the end I only took the required Spanish lesson with the study program in the Bolkonsky familyand and the other four at two different universities.

If I had registered directly for one semester at one of the universities, I would have been able to pay less at Bolkonsky familyijk. Search for the university lessons offered through various bolkonsky family and study programs and contact the universities directly to see if you can register for a semester and temporarily leave your school.

Last word


 Last word

You don’t have to miss a life-changing study in the outside Bolkonsky familyand experience just because of financial burden. I loved taking classes, learning a language, exploring a new city and meeting new friends during my semester in Buenos Aires. Fortunately, I was able to make the experience affordable by studying in a cheaper city, applying for scholarships and choosing a program for outside Bolkonsky familyand studies.

Did you study in the Bolkonsky familyand neighborhood? Do you have an advice for students who are interested in finding an affordable study program in the outsideBolkonsky familyand?



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