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How to upload a Discord profile picture


See someone using cool art or a funny meme as their profile picture on Discord? Although there is no official way to download someone’s profile picture to your device, there are workarounds. We’ll show you what those workarounds are.

To note: Discord makes uploading profile pictures difficult, possibly due to the risk of abuse, so use the methods below wisely. Impersonating another user, for example, can cause damage and will likely get you banned from the server.

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Ways to Save a Discord Profile Picture

On desktop, you can download someone’s profile picture by visiting their profile page in any of your web browsers, access the source code of the page, and find and use the direct profile picture link. This gives you a high resolution version of a user’s profile picture.

If you’re on mobile, you can capture a screenshot of a user’s profile picture and save the photo to your phone’s gallery. It doesn’t give you a high quality version of the image, but it’s the only method you have on your phone.

Save Someone’s Discord Profile Picture to Desktop

To begin the profile picture upload process, launch Google Chrome on your computer and open Discord for the web. You can use any other web browser, like Firefox, but we’ll be using Chrome in this guide.

Log in to your Discord account on the site and navigate to the user whose photo you want to upload.

Right-click on the user and choose “Profile”. This will open their profile page.


When you see the profile, press Ctrl+Shift+C on your keyboard. This opens the Chrome Elements Inspector tool, which will allow you to find the download link for your user’s profile picture.

Once you see the Code Inspector at the bottom or right of your browser, click on the user’s profile picture on your screen.

Select the profile photo.

In the Code Inspector area, next to the following tags, click the right arrow icon. This will expand those tags so you can find the image download link.

After expanding the last tag, you will see a label. In this tag, hover your cursor over the hyperlink.

Hover over the image link.

In the small image preview box that opens, next to “Current source”, click on the link.

Go to the image link.

Chrome will open a new tab with the selected user’s profile picture. This default preview contains the low resolution version of the image. If you want to download a high resolution version, in the Chrome address bar link, change 240 at 2048 Where 1024 .

Change the image resolution.

You will see the high quality version of the profile picture. To save it to your computer, right-click on the image and choose “Save Image As”.


Chrome will download and save the image file to your computer.

This will be a WEBP file, which will not open in most image viewers. To turn it into a popular file format, like JPG, see our guide on converting WEBP images to other formats.

And that’s how you grab someone’s profile picture and use it locally on your computer.

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Take someone’s Discord profile picture on mobile

On a mobile phone, take a screenshot of someone’s profile picture to save the photo to your gallery.

To do this, first launch the Discord app on your phone. Next, find and tap the user whose photo you want to upload. You are now on the user profile page.

A user profile page in Discord for mobile.

Now that you see the user’s profile picture, take a screenshot on your Android or iPhone.

On most Android phones, you can capture a screenshot by pressing Volume Down + Power. On a modern iPhone, use the Side + Volume Up keys to take a screenshot.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find your screenshot in Android’s Gallery app and iPhone’s Photos app. Your screenshot contains other unwanted parts of the screen, but you can crop it on your iPhone or Android phone so that it only has the profile picture area.

And that’s all there is to using workarounds to download a Discord user’s profile picture. Enjoy!

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