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Hulu DVR not recording some shows, problem persists


Hulu offers its users a Cloud DVR service, where live TV subscribers can record unlimited news, sports, shows, movies, and live events.

As long as a user’s Live TV subscription is active, these recorded videos will remain on their Cloud DVR for up to 9 months.

Hulu DVR not recording some shows

According to multiple reports, Hulu users are reporting that their Cloud DVR is not recording certain shows for them (1,2,3,4,5,6,seven,8,9).


Hulu users have enabled cloud recording for some shows, allowing them to watch them later. However, these shows are not recorded for them due to an issue.

By checking their “My Stuff” section, users say they can see that these shows are set up for recording. However, they do not appear in their recorded shows list.

This isn’t the first time Hulu subscribers have encountered this problem as it has appeared many times before (1,2,3,4).

Hey @hulu @hulu_support something failed recording today. It’s in my recordings but I can’t play it. This continues to occur intermittently and is not acceptable. Can I do anything to recover the recording? It is not the first time.

@hulu_support why am I spending over $70 a month on a service that has the worst front end app than all the others. Shows that are marked to record, do not. You can’t stop a show and pick up where you left off. How long have you been in the industry? Get good developers and fix it

This has been a particularly frustrating issue as users have missed a few games or episodes of their favorite shows because of it.

Troubleshooting methods such as setting up recording for a show, logging in and out of their account, and restarting their devices also don’t seem to work.

The Hulu team has acknowledged the problem

Luckily, the Hulu team is aware of the DVR not recording issue and is trying to fix it. However, no official ETA for a patch has been provided.

Hulu Support

At the moment, there is also no workaround to fix this problem. So the only option for Hulu subscribers is to wait for an official patch.

That being said, we’ll keep an eye out for any new developments regarding the Cloud DVR issue and update this article if anything relevant comes to our attention.

REMARK: You can also check the Hulu bug/issue tracker.

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