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Interview: The Key to Sullivan’s Heel Experience


By Adam Lucas

On a staff decorated with many successful Tar Heel players, Pat Sullivan is the only one who knows exactly what it’s like to be on the free throw line with a national championship on the line.

That’s where he ended up in 1993. You probably remember Chris Webber. What you might not remember is that just before Webber’s infamous unnamed journey called Illegal Time-Out, Sullivan went to the line in a one-point game to attempt a one-and- a.

In his appearance on today’s episode of the Carolina Insider podcast, Sullivan recounted those moments, from Jalen Rose’s attempted trash talk to the pressure of free throws.

“It made me more nervous when I looked at the bench and everyone was holding hands,” he said. “Confidence has gone down a bit.”

He knocked down the front to give the Tar Heels a two-point lead. He then serenaded a nationwide television audience with “One Shining Moment” on the post-game show, which suited a player who always enjoyed himself during his tenure at Chapel Hill ( his interview also includes his ranking in power of who would most likely call it a night on Franklin Street first among his classmates, which included Derrick Phelps, Brian Reese and Eric Montross).

Following his successful career in Carolina, which included three Final Four appearances, Sullivan embarked on a coaching career which allowed him to experience several highly successful coaches and provide a unique perspective to Hubert davis‘ Staff. Sullivan’s title is a recruiting coordinator, but his NBA background also means he’s a valuable resource for the current roster.

“I’m trying to make sure we keep our guys in the moment,” Sullivan said on the podcast. “What I told the guys who have a chance is enjoy the trip. The NBA tells you when it’s time, it’s not the other way around. They’ll come and tell you and knock on the door. , and when they say, “We need a player X,” Coach Smith or Coach Williams have always said, “It’s time to go.” So don’t put the pressure on yourself. to score X points or rebounds They know if you can play or not at this level.

Sullivan was at this level for almost two decades. But some of his funniest basketball memories have come from his time at Carolina. Stories on the podcast include Sullivan’s key role in recruiting super-recruits Eric Montross, plus the cohesion of the 1993 championship team.

Of course, Sullivan was also a teammate with the head coach. Hubert davis, and remembers Davis’ play version as being very similar to the current practice version. “He could talk to you about junk without swearing,” Sullivan said on the podcast. “You almost wanted to fight him more since they weren’t swearing. It got so much under your skin.

The full interview with Sullivan is available on today’s episode of the Carolina Insider podcast, which also includes a preview of the Wake Forest football game, an interview with Joel Berry II, and a preview of basketball practices. from this week.


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