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James Harden now acts as scout

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

It was recently announced that free agent Montrezl Harrell has been signed with the Philadelphia 76ers.

This started the next chapter of his legendary career.

The plan is to use Harrell as a forward or backup center, which should give the 76ers a huge boost up front.

It only makes the team more exciting with a better chance of finally delivering on their promise of going far in the playoffs.

Apparently, there was a very special member in Harrell’s recruiting process.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that James Harden “played a role in bringing Harrell to Philadelphia”.

He said Harden’s new contract allowed the 76ers the financial flexibility to land Harrell.

Moreover, Harden himself actively recruited the player and sold the idea of ​​him being a backup center for the team.

Harden’s pitch built on the pair’s experiences playing together for the Houston Rockets.

It shows that Harden doesn’t just talk and really wants to improve the team and is willing to work to make that happen.

Harden’s hard work

Harden is definitely a centerpiece of the team.

But he has taken on a new role, that of a team leader who inspires and sacrifices himself for the crew.

He’s been a lot more encouraging for his team lately.

He also accepted personal sacrifices and spent a lot of time training in the gym.

It’s a side of Harden that we’re not really used to.

Will this make the 76ers actually championship contenders or will this be another season where the team fails?

Harden’s stepping up might be the missing piece the team needed.