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JUST IN: Man wanted for domestic assault attempts to run over officer | ALX now

Location of the foundry apartments (via Google Maps)

Police officers in Alexandria who responded to a family situation in a high-rise apartment building on Monday evening were confronted by a wanted man who allegedly tried to run over police as he tried to escape.

Police responded at around 7 p.m. at the Foundry Apartments at 2470 Manderville Lane, a few blocks from Eisenhower Avenue subway station, after a woman called police and told them she was worried about her ex. boyfriend, who allegedly got a knife and broke his phone. .

Once inside, officers reported that the man had descended into the stairwell. Moments later, he jumped into a new model Honda Pilot which he used to attempt to run over an officer who had arrived to assist him, according to early reports.

EMS personnel took the officer to hospital, although the officer’s injuries were not fatal, according to the APD.

Police are looking for the suspect and the black Honda rider with tags from Maryland he was driving. He may have damage to the front and damage to the passenger side door while trying to knock over the officer.

According to a radio report, the man has a complete abduction file including several open arrest warrants.

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