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La Aurora Hors d’Age Toro 2020 Cigar Review –


The Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age is the result of a world-class investment in time and tobacco. Twelve years go from seed to cigar. The tobacco used in his Hors d’Age years was cultivated in 2008, but it was not put into a cigar until 2019. After the cigars were rolled, they were placed in the La Aurora aging room for two years before being released.

Cigar review: L’Aurore Hors d’Age (2020)
Packaging : Ecuador
Binder: Ecuador
Filling: Colombia, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Length: 6 ″
Ring Gauge: 54
Cut: Toro

The look: The Aurora Hors d’Age brings La Aurora into a whole new era of packaging. No more basic wooden boxes, and high-end lacquered cigar humidor-type parts are adorned with a plaque indicating the number of the box. Inside are 15 cigars that don’t have the prettiest wraps despite being loaded with oils. One can nitpick the porous seams, noticeable veins, and uneven coloring and they would be right to do so given the price. However, after smoking the previous editions, the reputation speaks for itself and we can look last. In the hand, the cigar is firm to the touch, and it has a tightly packed foot. It is important to note that the 6 x 60 Gran Toro comes in a beautiful cigar holder.

The notes: Once the cork is cut, there are hints of raw tobacco that remind me of the aroma in the air of the La Aurora factory. Once I settle into memory, a subsequent cold draw reminds me of savory ones, especially oyster crackers. The aroma of the cigar foot has a strong cayenne pepper with a touch of paprika and well-aged tobacco. Once the cigar is lit, its exception is smooth with a subtle eucalyptus that recedes from the first puffs.

As we smoke the first third of the 2020 edition of La Aurora Hors d’Age, there are hints of wood and cinnamon with a subtle but growing nutty. As the first third approaches the end, nuts become the main notes with a moderate to long oaky finish. The retro-breath sees a subtle sweetness up front with some lingering cayenne pepper at the end.

In the second third, hints of cinnamon come and go while notes of cedar and nuts are also dominant. As the second third ends, a subtle leather component begins to appear. The attack is slightly peppery while the finish is long and woody. The retrohale serves black pepper, but it also enhances the occasional cinnamon on the palate.

The last third sees the leather notes intensify but they do not go beyond the predominantly woody aromatic profile. The hazelnut of the first two thirds does not exist in the last third, neither does cinnamon. While it may seem like the cigar lacks complexity, aged tobacco really shines. The finish is quite long and the retrohale reveals black pepper and for the first time a hint of nutmeg.

The end: For me, the biggest cigar ever produced by La Aurora was the original version of the Puro Vintage 2003. The Aurora Hors d’Age comes very close to echoing that statement. It’s smooth, well balanced, an incredible aroma and a great flavor profile. It’s expensive and the packaging may make you question the price, but it’s the epitome don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s definitely worth a five-pack and if the price doesn’t scare you, it’s worth it.

Goal: 95
Price: $ 25.99 / $ 349.99

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