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Laptop Framework: presales will start in 2021 for other countries


Framework’s modular, serviceable laptop is currently gaining a lot of attention, but is currently only available in the US and Canada. In our interview at the end of October, Framework founder Nirav Patel declined to go into more detail on the subsequent schedule, but in the company’s blog you will find more recent information: Orders from other countries should be possible before the end of the year. However, delivery will not take place until early 2022.

While Framework has yet to say which countries exactly these would be, the focus should be on Europe and Asia. After all, you can find them in the online spare parts store for a long time. Replacement keyboards with European provisions like “coming soon”. Keyboards for Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain are listed. In the Far East, South Korea and Taiwan are on the list.

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More from c't magazine

In the blog post, Framework also lists the requirements for international expansion, taking Germany as an example. The company not only wants to install a German keyboard and include a suitable power cable, but also provides support in German located in our time zone. In addition, there are various legal requirements ranging from CE certificates and local terms and conditions and data protection requirements to customs clearance and returns management.

More information on the laptop framework can be found in the interview linked above. The #heiseshow of November 25, 2021 also focused on the device:


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