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Linxon signs first framework agreement with ESB for innovative substations


The framework includes both the expansion of existing ESB substations as well as new construction. Picture: Linxon.

Linxon is set to deliver innovative new substations for the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) in the Republic of Ireland, after securing its first long-term strategic framework agreement.

The framework will enable the company to deliver knowledge in technical and equipment innovation, systems integration and construction across ESB Networks’ power transmission network. This will extend from 132 kV to 400 kV substations and will run from 2021 to 2024, with the possibility of extending the agreement until 2029.

The activities included in the agreement range from the renovation and extension of small substations to the delivery of new innovative substations.

This will include – but is not limited to – the installation of voltage levels of 400 kV / 220 kV / 110 kV / 38 kV GIS and / or AIS, as well as substation control and protection systems, underground HV cable circuits and overhead lines.

“We are delighted to have been selected by ESB to forge a long-term relationship and secure our place in this exciting turnkey EPC substation setting,” said Derek Duggan, General Manager of Linxon UK. United, Ireland and Central Europe.

“This is a major first prize in the Republic of Ireland, we will be working collaboratively to provide a successful framework between our organizations and I look forward to continuing this over the next few years with a strong focus on achieving of our shared Net Zero. ambitions. ”

Ireland is aiming for a growing share of renewables, with a target of 70% of electricity demand from renewables by 2030. To facilitate this, it has launched its first Renewable Power Support Program (RESS) in 2020, providing support to 109 projects in its first tower.

Additionally, Eirgrid and ESB Networks released a full list of renewable energy projects to receive grid connection offers in Ireland as part of their Sustainable Connection Policy (ECP) process in November. Grid connection has often been seen as one of the biggest challenges for building renewables in Ireland, which makes projects such as the Linxon framework with ESB particularly important.

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