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Mike Pompeo: Biden administrator gives green light to illegal immigrants to enter United States


In Thursday night’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared his reaction to a Wall Street Journal article detailing how migrants from across Latin America were drawn to the border. Mexican-American “in the hundreds of thousands”.

Host Laura Ingraham also noted that the Biden administration was attempting a “reboot” of the Trump administration’s “Stay in Mexico” policy, only to find that Mexico had not been a willing participant – and called for the response from Pompeo.


MIKE POMPEO: This is another example… where we left them a perfectly good shot. We left them a perfectly good plan in Afghanistan, they turned it into chaos. We left them with a perfectly good plan of how we managed our southern border, how we retained our sovereignty.

We avoided a humanitarian crisis at the border and they tore up that plan as well.

Now that they are trying to come back to it, I am sure they will try to blame our administration for what is happening as well, in the same way they did with Afghanistan.

But I think the American people can see. These people have misplaced their ideas. The humanitarian crisis is very important.

The burden that has weighed on the United States for a very long time is real. Schools in those states will now have to take these children and put them in school – enormous burdens that will deprive the citizens who live there, and the children who live there, of the education they need.

And make no mistake, you mentioned the Wall Street Journal article: Every person who thinks, “Maybe I should come,” will see that these Haitians – who often came from Central America and America South, and they’ve been there for quite a while, they didn’t just flee Haiti in the last week or two after the earthquake – everyone who plans to come to the United States illegally now will see that there is a green light, that she is going to be released inside the United States.

I think we are at the very beginning of what will be a major tidal wave of illegal immigration. We saw this during the first eight months of the Biden administration, I suspect the next eight will only increase that.



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