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Mini also plans to update the internal combustion-powered high-performance JCW


The internal-combustion Mini is set to continue for a few more years, based on a heavily modified version of the current F56 model platform, and our spies have caught the hot hatchback version testing in Germany.

Although the Mini John Cooper Works received a slight refresh for the 2022 model year, it will be a much more significant update to the vehicle. Camouflage is still important but seems to hide a deeply reworked front end.

The front overhangs seem slightly shortened, although it’s hard to tell because of the camouflage. The surface it hides, however, looks considerably different and less complex than the existing front bumper. With fewer tiers and clear vents, the brand may seek to make the front end of the car simpler and cleaner, although that may also make it less aggressive.

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The headlights don’t appear to be production-ready, so Mini may be planning some changes there as well. When backing up slightly, the mirrors appear larger and appear to have built-in signals.

At the rear, the taillights are very familiar, despite their controversial details. At the very bottom, behind a hitch, we can see a centrally mounted exhaust outlet. Unlike the model on sale today, there is only one exhaust tip, although that may change when the JCW hits the market.

Big changes are also expected inside. As is the case with most modern cars, the new Mini is expected to have a large touchscreen, although we’d expect it to be round, as tradition dictates. Buttons are expected to be eschewed in favor of touch controls and our spies report that the gearshift knob on cars with automatic transmissions will move to the right below the large round screen.

Details remain scarce, but Mini has previously said it won’t unveil the new JCW until 2023, suggesting it will be a 2024 model year vehicle. It will join the new Mini EV in the lineup.

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