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Mobolize Chosen by Google Cloud to Enable Zero Trust Security from Mobile Devices

Mobolize Chosen by Google Cloud to Enable Zero Trust Security from Mobile Devices

LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobolize announced its collaboration with Google Cloud to enable zero-trust security access for enterprise mobile apps from managed and unmanaged mobile devices. Mobolize’s patented on-device data management engine will integrate with Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise to provide simple, safe and secure access to enterprise mobile applications. This integration will also take advantage of the built-in browser threat and data protection offered with BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Mobolize is an on-device data traffic expert that enables service and technology providers to deliver their security and connectivity solutions to mobile devices. The company developed its data management engine to use common code for all device operating systems. As a result, it is quick to deploy and ensures the continuity of partner solutions across all endpoints. This includes Android, Chrome, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems running on phones, tablets, and laptops.

The data management engine intelligently manages data traffic with a SmartVPN® and performs configurable routing and other unique features as defined by a partner’s requirements. As part of the collaboration with Google Cloud, Mobolize’s data management engine will enable precise routing of data traffic to BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google’s zero-trust access platform that enables enterprises to enable employees to work from anywhere and securely access applications in the cloud or on-premises. .

According to Gartner, a technology research firm, the security setting has extended to mobile devices. In Gartner’s”Zero Trust Architecture and Solutions” report, “In the era of cloud computing and big data, the network security perimeter is gradually disintegrating and internal and external threats are intensifying, leading to the failure of the traditional perimeter-based security architecture , which is why zero-trust security architecture comes into being.

“Google Cloud recognized that delivering a high-performance Zero Trust security solution to the wide range of mobile devices used by employees today is a complex task that requires deep mobile expertise,” said Philip Mustain, CEO of Mobolize. . “With over a decade of focus on computing and mobile technologies, Mobolize is well positioned to enable zero-trust security from mobile devices for Google Cloud.”

“Google Cloud understands that a hybrid workplace is here to stay and enabling zero trust access regardless of location and device is a must for all businesses,” said Tim Knudsen, director of zero trust products. at Google Cloud. “Integration with Mobolize’s data management engine will make this easier and allow us to provide the business with flexible and seamlessly integrated access options depending on the application’s use case.”

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud emphasizes their recognition of Mobolize’s technology as key to bringing zero-trust security to mobile endpoints,” said Colleen LeCount, chief revenue officer of Mobolize. “Our advantage of an on-device data management engine with a common codebase across all mobile endpoints led Google to select Mobolize as a technology partner for mission-critical mobile use cases.”

About Mobolize

Mobolize enables leading service and technology providers to deliver their innovative security and connectivity solutions to the edge of mobile devices with enhanced performance. Using Mobolize’s patented data management engine technology, vendors can seamlessly extend their cloud solutions to meet the growing demand for extending security and connectivity to mobile devices. Additionally, mobile operators can provide value-added services. The result is stronger protection and an improved mobile data experience for business and consumer users, while increasing revenue and competitive differentiation for our partners. Mobolize solutions can be deployed as an SDK or app on a range of operating systems including Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, macOS, and Linux. To learn more, visit www.mobolize.com and join us on LinkedIn and Twitter.