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MOSIP partners with BixeLab for a global certification framework for biometric devices


MOSIP engaged BixeLab to write a new, modular and globally adoptable certification framework for biometric devices and software.

MOSIP – the modular open source identity platform – notes the growing adoption of its technology worldwide and the need for a higher standard for the quality of biometric images to ensure the best possible performance of the functions of deduplication and authentication. To meet this demand, MOSIP enlisted BixeLab, the world’s second NIST NVLAP-certified biometric testing lab, to form a new certification framework.

BixeLab was also recently accredited for FIDO biometric testing.

The purpose of the framework, according to MOSIP, is to provide standard evaluation criteria and operating procedures for testing devices and solutions, and to establish standardized certification programs for MOSP biometric devices to provide independent certifications to MOSIP users. It aims to provide an overview of assessing full compliance across image quality, software interfaces, and hardware-based security implementation to deliver meaningful and realistic results. He adds that adopting countries should be able to use these results to make decisions about biometric devices in their ecosystems.

The two partners decided that the standard evaluation criteria should be independently adoptable by global laboratories, supported by global and geography-specific compliance needs, and usable by countries adopting MOSIP.

These global labs will offer MACP (MOSIP Advanced Compliance Program) certification to meet the needs of each country in mind and developed in consultation with the ecosystem, MOSIP says.

The advantage of an independent biometric certification mechanism is the ability to set up certification programs in-house or to rely on accredited independent laboratories to verify the quality of devices, explains MOSIP. This will reduce the time-consuming and resource-intensive development of full-fledged programs, he says, while being particularly useful for smaller countries that may lack the bandwidth for internal certification systems.

MOSIP says the framework will be developed in stages and will be published regularly for feedback. He expects laboratory qualification criteria to be part of the framework. First drafts are expected by the third quarter of 2022.

MOSIP also provides secure biometric interface standards for partners to self-test to ensure compliance, as just completed by Integrated Biometrics.

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