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New processing and packaging framework


The new service has been hailed as offering added value to producers of radioactive waste, in addition to the basic elements of incineration and supercompaction commonly used to dispose of waste streams, it will also provide access to a wide range of ‘other technologies such as encapsulation and de-tritation.

The framework has been awarded to Inutec Ltd, trading as Tradebe Inutec, Veolia ES UK Ltd and PermaFix Environmental Services Inc.

Dr Craig Ashton, director of waste management services at NWS, said:

This framework marks the continued evolution of our service offering to clients as part of a longer-term strategy to drive even greater value and enable mission acceleration.

As always, the team did a fantastic job of getting it ready for service delivery to continue uninterrupted.

The contract builds on the success of an existing waste treatment services framework, operating for four years, and the focus remains, where possible, on providing treatment processes that enable the diversion of waste of the deposit.

The Framework can provide a service covering the complete waste life cycle, including but not limited to project management, expert advice, characterization, site preparation, decommissioning, transportation, separation, treatment, packaging and optimized disposal.

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