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Nigeria: 6,000 people register as Buhari endorses youth conference to fight unrest and reluctance


President Muhammadu Buhari endorsed the convening of a youth conference to chart a course for youth inclusion towards ending violent unrest and youth unrest across the country.

The National Youth Conference to be organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is described as a replica of the National Conference organized in 2014 to chart the course for national cohesion and development.

Conference coordinator Ms. Nkechi Obi and media coordinator Gbenga Olorunpomi, who spoke at a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday, revealed that 370 young delegates will physically attend Abuja while others will attend. virtually.

With the theme “Energizing Youth for Development: Inclusion, Governance, Security and Employment”, the conference also includes five thematic areas: politics and nation-building, education and youth development, peace, unity and security, innovation and technology. , among others.

Speaking to reporters on the conference scheduled for October 12-15, Ms. Obi said: “There is a real desire on the part of young people to have a front row seat at the table and that is what is being proposed. this conference. It is clear from the data we see on the website that more online users need to register.

“We were particularly surprised that there was more interest in youth participation in politics than in sports and entertainment. We do our best to ensure that we have the best contacts to deal with each of these critical topics. “

She explained that the conference was intended to trigger a political direction that young people would like the government to implement.

“The adults hosted their own conference. We are now doing ours as young people and we will use technology, our collective power to make our voice heard and champion the course of youth inclusion,” added Ms. Obi.

Regarding the selection process, she said state governors were asked to nominate 10 young people from their respective states across all social strata, while others came from youth groups as well as 100 corps members sent by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

“So far we have the support of many local companies and international agencies. They all say this conference is timely and crucial,” she added.

For his part, Olorunpomi said the president who would declare the conference open pledged to implement the results of the confab, adding that the conference realized that young people are now the engine, new oil and most. great resource in the country.

“There is nothing that we demand that we will not get if we are united,” he said.


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