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NSCN-IM decides to respect the framework agreement for a solution to NPI


Dimapur: The NSCN-IM decided on Friday to stick to the framework agreement for a speedy, honorable and acceptable solution to the politically vexed Naga (NPI) question.

The solemn declaration of the outfit was made during the National Convention of Nagaland State Workers NSCN-IM here.

We strongly believe, profess and support the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 for an honorable and acceptable quick fix, as both parties (the Center and NSCN-IM) have already agreed to define the details of the competencies, a- he declared.

NSCN-IM workers also reiterated to respect the decision of its May 31 national assembly held at its general headquarters in Hebron to uphold and protect the unique history and national principle of the Nagas at all costs.

The Naga group has been negotiating with the Indian government for a quick political solution since 1997 after the ceasefire agreement.

The Framework Agreement was signed between the two parties on August 3, 2015 after several rounds of talks as the basis for a settlement of the decades-old Naga political question.

However, the NSCN-IM has decided to stand firm on its demand for a separate flag and constitution for the Naga people.

Giving up the Naga national flag and constitution in the name of the Naga solution is tantamount to “selling the Naga national identity as fiercely defended by our ancestors”, he said.

NSCN-IM President Q Tuccu, who was among those who spoke on the occasion, said that we cannot waive our rights in the name of the Naga solution and we can never compromise the rights of Naga.

In a statement, the NSCN-IM called the Convention “historic” as nearly 7,000 Naga national workers from 16 regions of Nagaland, both civilian and military, had participated and pledged to abide by its demands.

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