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Qualtrics launches sentiment-to-sales framework


Qualtrics launches sentiment-to-sales framework

March 18, 2022

Experience Management Platform Qualtrics has launched a framework measuring the impact of a customer’s digital experience across an organization’s website, mobile apps, digital marketing and social media channels on his expenses.

Qualtrics, majority-owned by SAP, provides solutions for customers to continuously assess and improve the four “core experiences”: CustomerXM, EmployeeXM, ProductXM, and BrandXM. The new Digital Experience Metrics (DX Metrics) framework, which has been integrated into CustomerXM, includes a set of questions that measure three aspects of any digital experience: emotion (measured by customer satisfaction), effort (measured by ease or difficulty in completing a task) and success (measured by task completion).

According to a recent study conducted by Qualtrics, increasing a customer’s satisfaction score can increase their spending by up to 37%, while reducing the effort required to complete a task online can result in a 23% increase. % spending. This approach can help companies assess and compare their metrics with similar organizations in their industry. It also includes dashboard templates and recommendations to help marketing and product managers understand how certain factors, such as the account creation process or online payment user experience improvements, have the most impact. impact on customer sentiment, and what actions they can take to improve each factor.

Brad Anderson (pictured), President of Products and Services, comments, “Creating exceptional experiences, even across traditionally impersonal digital channels, is a critical differentiator for every business today. Digital Experience Metrics links customer sentiment to financial impact, helping organizations understand how investing in better digital experiences based on individual feedback can impact their bottom line.”

Website: www.qualtrics.com.