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Ranking of the best Toyota Tundra model years to buy used


the Toyota Tundra was born into production in May 1999. It is a full-size truck that took over from the T100 that had been around for decades. It was an attempt by the truck manufacturer to be competitive with the rest of the competition. The truck was successful, and except for a few years, it sold over 100,000 units in the United States. Total Canadian sales have gone up and down over the years, but averaged 9,559 trucks sold.

Even though it didn’t take first place in the truck battle, it is one of the most reliable on the market. The big companies had their problems, and like them, the Tundra nameplate had good trucks. But they also had great trucks. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the past 20 years, ending with the best of them all.

ten 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 with TRD Package

Toyota Tundra - Front Quarter
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2014 brought a redesign to the Tundra. Exterior styling changes made the truck more rugged and off-road ready, and when the TRD package was added, the performance matched the looks. TRD options added skid plates under the truck to protect vital parts, advanced shocks and suspension components, and 18-inch tires and rims.

Reliability for the 2014 Tundra SR5 was once again the highest it could be, coming in at 5 out of 5. The owner satisfaction rating is 4 out of 5 due to the common problem that owners complain about. It’s that the value of the truck doesn’t match the price. Safety ratings weren’t the best for this year either. It came in with a 3-star rating due to not-so-good driver ratings in a frontal collision.

9 2003 Toyota Tundra TR3

2003 Toyota Tundra TR3 - Mecum
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In 2003, the hit movie “Terminator 3” was released. As a tribute, Toyota produced the TR3 truck. It came with the TRD package, blacked-out grille and trim, special 17-inch wheels, limited interior trim design and, of course, TR3 badging inside and out. It was a mean take on the popular TRD off-road version.

2003 Toyota Tundra TR3--YouTube
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The 2003 Toyota Tundra passed most safety tests and performed very well, but an overall figure was not given due to some missing information. The truck’s reliability rating was 5 out of 5 and the owner satisfaction rating was 4 out of 5. When it comes to the number of owners who were satisfied with their trucks and would buy them again, 79% were on board .

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8 2010 Toyota Tundra Work Trim

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2010 brought two new releases. One was Platinum. The other was the work truck. With this one, most of the luxury additions have been stripped away, offering just the basic necessities a work truck would need. The price was lower than the standard truck, so people who wanted a solid work truck at an affordable price had it as an option.

2010 Toyota Tundra
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The 2010 Toyota Tundra received an overall reliability rating of 5 out of 5, earning a few poor marks for lower fuel mileage than others in its class. Owner satisfaction was a solid 4 out of 5, again reduced by the value of the purchase. Even with a one point drop by owners, 75% of them would buy the truck again, which is better than the competition.

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seven 2011 Toyota Tundra

2011 Toyota Tundra
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In 2011, Toyota had made an impact in the full-size truck market. It offered options for the owner to lean toward work or play. The cabin was spacious and the interior controls were easy to reach and use. It had a slightly rough ride until it had some weight in the back or behind, then it will level out and ride smoother. That’s the point, of course, since the standard trim level was built for the job.


The 2011 Tundra’s safety rating was 4 out of 5, like most years it lost points for frontal collisions, especially passenger side damage for this year. The reliability rating of the truck is 5 out of 5, which is common for this truck. Owner ratings were 4 out of 5, once again down due to complaints about not getting value for what they paid for. 80% of owners would recommend this truck and buy it again.

6 2013 Toyota Tundra Platinum

Toyota Tundra Platinum 2013 - YouTube
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The 2013 Toyota Tundra was the first year to feature the platinum version. Before that, it was an option that could be added to the CrewMax cabin. The Platinum offers leather seats, heated and ventilated front seats, driver’s seat memory, a sunroof, power folding mirrors and other luxurious additions.

2013 Toyota Tundra Platinum - Tundra Headquarters
via: Tundra Headquarters

Owners recommend this truck 75% of the time, giving the truck an overall satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5. Reliability, as with many other model years, is 5 out of 5. Safety ratings are set at 4 stars due to the lowest score of the passenger-side frontal crash results.

5 2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum

2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum - Trucks Only
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The Platinum is a more luxurious version of the standard truck. It offers perforated leather upholstery. The driver’s seat has memory settings and both front seats are ventilated and heated. A sunroof is available for nighttime mountain adventures, and when rock’n’roll is on the menu, it comes standard with a JBL sound system.

2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum--Carrrs Auto
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The 2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum is another one of their trucks that has a reliability rating of 5 out of 5. The owner satisfaction score was slightly lower with a 4 out of 5, mainly due to the value for the price paid. It is once again at the top of owners’ recommendations, compared to some of its competitors. 80% of owners would buy it again. As for safety, the Tundra received 4 out of 5 stars, which puts it above the average rating of other trucks in its class.

4 2018 Toyota Tundra Edition 1794

2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition - The Truth About Cars
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The 1794 edition is a tribute to their American heritage by adding several modifications to the interior of the cabin. Woodgrain inlays were placed with the dash, steering wheel and shifter. In other areas, brown leather was introduced. The seats were made of suede inserts and badges placed inside and out.

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The 2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition received a 4-star safety rating, with perfect ratings on both sides. The reliability rating is again 5 out of 5 and the customer satisfaction rating was 4 out of 5, losing the most points due to value for money. It comes back for most years of Toyota trucks because they haven’t spent the time updating looks and technology.

3 2020 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition

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The limited-edition Tundra features a supple suspension system, eschewing the stiff ride of TRD packages. Of course, off-road enthusiasts will want to enjoy the benefits of the package, but for everyday driving, it should be avoided. This line no longer uses the smaller V8, opting for the 5.7 L as the standard engine.

via thedrive.com

The 2020 Toyota Tundra is a small step down when it comes to customer satisfaction, ending with a 4 out of 5. Digging into it, however, the issue was based on value for money. This note is low, which in turn lowers the entire note. Reliability ratings are still 5 out of 5 and crash ratings were 4 stars.

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2 2002 Toyota Tundra SR5

Toyota Tundra 2000 black
Via Toyota Newsroom

The Tundra SR5 has excellent suspension, keeping road feel away from the driver. The steering is responsive and stable, with little lean when cornering. Acceleration is good with or without a load. The interior of the truck offers a quiet and comfortable ride on all terrains.

Via Toyota Newsroom

The 2002 Tundra earned a 5-star rating and a G for safety. Customer satisfaction is 5 out of 5 and reliability rating is also 5 out of 5. When it comes to buying again, customer response has been incredibly positive. 86% of all owners would repurchase and recommend to others.

1 2008 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition

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The Limited Edition truck is the premium truck of the year, offering all the standard equipment offered by the 2008. SR5 features are also added, which are mainly better electronics, like power seats and locks. That’s not all, however. The top line of the Tundra adds leather front seats and a towing package, with all the goodies that go along with it.

15 mics too fast for their own good
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The 2008 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition has strong support from Engine trend, being the “Truck of the Year”. It has an overall rating for customer satisfaction of 5 out of 5, as well as 5 out of 5 for reliability. 81% of owners say they would buy this model again, which is higher than others in its class. These are three good reasons to recommend this truck to everyone.

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Final Thoughts

Orange Toyota Tundra 2022
Via: Toyota

The Toyota Tundra is a great all-around truck that can be used for work, play, or both. The trucks have excellent towing capabilities, especially when the tow packages are added. These trucks didn’t get the recognition they deserve because the truck maker didn’t spend a lot of time or money on design and styling. Instead, they opted for functionality, which is more important to some truck owners.

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