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REGENT signs a partnership agreement with the city of Nice, France, to develop a coastal shipping framework


Nice, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–REGENT, the pioneering electric glider company for sustainable high-speed maritime travel, today announced a memorandum of understanding with the city of Nice, France, to develop a new all-electric means of regional coastal mobility .

According to the MOU REGENT and the City of Nice agree to advance regulatory and infrastructural frameworks to bring electric seaglider technology to the region, in consultation with local stakeholders and industry – a significant step in Nice’s efforts to develop sustainably, attract new investment and increase the efficiency of regional travel for residents and tourists.

“We look forward to collaborating with Mayor Estrosi and having the opportunity to share our technological and network development expertise with Nice, in the south of France and along the European coast. The future of cabotage is on track for Nice,” said Billy Thalheimer, CEO and co-founder of REGENT. “In many ways, it’s the perfect city to develop a global brand for one of the world’s first electric glider networks, reducing the environmental impact of flights, cars and marine vehicles that use fossil fuels and making passenger and freight transport more accessible and affordable to support the local economy is an ideal solution for this timeless UNESCO World Heritage city.

Under the MoU, REGENT and the City of Nice will identify needed policy reforms, develop best practices for infrastructure zoning and recommend new laws to pave the way for future growth. In the agreement, the two parties will work with community organizations to identify transportation gaps and solutions to increase connectivity, especially in underserved areas, to increase equity and access. The MOU also includes a framework to create workforce development and education initiatives to strengthen the City’s ability to support job creation and build a more coastal mobility system. efficient.

With design approval from Paris-based Bureau Veritas in August 2022, REGENT is moving full speed ahead with the development and commercialization of all-electric seagliders, a new zero-emission mode of transport that combines the high speed of an aircraft with the low cost operation of a boat via hydrofoil technology in coastal areas. With $7 billion in pre-orders, the Providence, Rhode Island-based company is currently developing its full-scale 12-person sea glider that is expected to reach commercial markets in 2025.

Globally, REGENT is also building similar sea glider transportation networks in locations such as Hawaii and has a growing international customer base to increase global capacity for this innovative mode of transportation.


REGENT is pioneering the future of sustainable maritime mobility. REGENT is building seagliders, a new class of electric vehicles that run exclusively on water and will dramatically reduce the time and cost of moving people and goods between coastal towns. The Seagliders will service routes up to 180 miles at 180 mph with existing battery technology and up to 500 miles with next-generation batteries, via existing dock infrastructure. For more information, visit regentcraft.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitterand Instagram.

About the City of Nice (Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis)

The city of Nice is the fifth largest city in France and the second on the Côte d’Azur. It provides connections to cities and islands in the Mediterranean, including services to Monaco and Corsica. It is part of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, which brings together some fifty other municipalities in the region and is responsible in particular for the development and promotion of maritime activities.