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School Board President: Critical Race Theory “Not Taught”


Loudoun County, Va. Schools were in the national spotlight on Sunday morning, and it was all about critical breed theory.

Loudoun County, Va. Schools were in the national spotlight on Sunday morning, and it was all about critical breed theory.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Brenda Sheridan, chair of the Loudoun County Public School Board of Trustees, said they do not teach it in schools.

“It’s not in our program because it would be inappropriate,” Sheridan said.

She added that Critical Race Theory – which is an academic framework that examines how systemic racism is ingrained in the history of the nation – is not age-appropriate for LCPS students.

“This is college-level theory, and it would be inappropriate for a fifth-grader to do this,” Sheridan said.

But some parents insist that critical breed theory is in fact being taught.

Parents Against Critical Race Theory argues that it is forced on students, parents and teachers and creates racial problems.

“CRT is not a subject or a class book; it’s a framework, ”said group member Scott Mineo.

“A framework in itself is not useful,” he said. “These are the principles of the CRT that contain an ideologically, racially and psychologically manipulated political program.”

Sheridan disagreed, saying they teach equality-based initiatives and not CRTs.

“What we really teach students is compassion and empathy for the experiences of other students. It can’t be objective because we live it, ”Sheridan said.

Mineo responded to Sheridan on Sunday, saying, “How can Sheridan or anyone else justify teaching our children anything other than objectivity?”

He said that in addition to calling LCPS, his group “was also very vocal with the governor-elect [Glenn] Youngkin ”and his promise to ban the theory.

“Promising to ‘ban CRT’ is empty unless he is willing to publicly state that he will also ban CRT principles, because CRT is just a framework, and principles are what destroys actually our education and, in some cases, costs lives and compromises student safety.

Sheridan said the controversy over the curriculum stems from the onset of the pandemic.

“It sparked parents who were very legitimately concerned about the closure of schools,” Sheridan said.

“So you had angry parents that I absolutely sympathize with, and we wanted to help, and we took their kids out of school because we had to. And then we had a bunch of angry parents, and then someone started the fire with Critical Race Theory. “

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