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Sheriff desperate for officers offers high-paying part-time jobs


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – These are desperate times when it comes to hiring for law enforcement.

So much so that the Davidson County Sheriff is taking a drastic step in finding quality candidates — a step others are sure to follow soon.

His plan is for part-time officers and that may be the wave of the future.

Think about it: a few years ago, they would see maybe 200 applicants for 20 jobs at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

Today, those same 20 jobs barely attract 30 applicants and only 20 even show up.

The sheriff knows something has to change – and fast.

“We’re looking for manpower, you mentioned substitute teachers, they’re almost like substitute officers,” Sheriff Daron Hall said.

It’s the sheriff’s solution: part-time or part-time correctional officers.

This is part of his latest recruiting effort for a sheriff’s office desperate to find new employees.

“We have 600 officers and 150 vacancies,” Hall said.

Sheriff Hall has had the same problem as everyone else in the market when it comes to hiring new employees these days.

“They don’t want a long term. They don’t want a pension. They want instant gratification and instant work,” he explained.

So here’s the new pitch: you can come to work part-time, maybe just two or three days a week, in an unlimited number of roles and flexible hours.

“They’re going to be trained,” Hall said. “We will train them in a shadowing program where they will come and walk and live with officers and then go to classrooms, instead of eight weeks up-stream they will be trained along the way.”

Part-time work can be part of the draw. But the sheriff knows the key is that he can offer much higher salaries to attract part-time officers.

“It’s really fascinating. It’s an idea I came up with because I’ve seen people not liking the perks we were paying all that money for, but they want high hourly rates,” Hall said. .

That’s what he’s offering.

Full-time agents with benefits earn $20 per hour.

Part time at home $30 per hour.

And it works – recruitment is up and they are still hiring.

The first recruiting promotion with part-time employees is expected to begin training next month. The Sheriff is still actively recruiting for these positions at this time.