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Sotheby’s to auction WWW source code as NFT


The auction house continues its foray into the world of digital assets with its upcoming standalone auction, “This Changed Everything”.

Sotheby’s to auction World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee Original time-stamped source code files, signed by him, as a non-fungible token (NFT), he announced this week.

This is the auction house’s first digital artifact to be auctioned, and it’s offered directly by Lee, who will use his proceeds to benefit causes supported by the MIT professor and his wife, Sotheby’s said. . The sale will open June 23-30, with auctions starting at $ 1,000. Sotheby’s has not designated an estimate for the lot.

Ultimate digital artifact

The source code, written in the Objective C programming language, has been open source since 1993, two years after it went live, but Sotheby’s said the auction was a chance for collectors to “own the ultimate artefact born. digitally ”.

“Until very recently, selling a digitally born artifact was not an option, but the advent of NFT has now made it possible, allowing the buyer to prove that the files offered here are the original manuscript. born digital for the greatest and most important invention of modern times, ”Sotheby’s said in the auction catalog.

The future of art

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are strings of code linked to a digital file living on the blockchain, which verify authenticity and ownership. Many collectors believe this is how digital art will be collected and marketed in the future.

The digital asset class recently went mainstream with the sale for $ 69 million of a digital collage by artist Beeple, auctioned by Christie’s to a Singapore-based collector, who paid for the work in ether.

Sotheby’s followed with its first NFT sale, which grossed $ 17.1 million from 28 digital artworks by crypto artist Pak. The auction house has also recently started accepting ethereum and bitcoin as a means of payment for physical work.


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